Tested: DirectX 12's potential performance leap is insane

We already know DirectX 12 will drastically improve game performance when Windows 10 ships later this year, but just how much of a "free" boost you'll get isn't exactly known.

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DarkOcelet880d ago

"Before you look at the results from these tests and assume you're going to see a frickin' 10x free performance boost from DX12 games later this year, zing, zam, zow! You won't. So ease off the hype engine. "

I have to say after reading this article, i am damn excited to see the improvements the DX12 will bring. Its sounds way too damn awesome to be true. Only time will tell but colour may super interested.

hiredhelp880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

It can be true its been shown.
Plus look at the leap from DX-6-8 and 9-10 wich very little differnce to 11 now there changing way DX used to work
Im optimistic unlike mantle were to get most bennifit you need a AMD complete setup.
Myself have intel and AMD graphics card setup

donthate880d ago

What is interesting is how MS designed the Xbox One compared to PS4. Xbox One has more powerful CPU, and less GPU power than PS4, but as the benchmarks shows it is the CPU holding the GPU back.

As we have heard from numerous game developers saying it is the CPU holding back, it is all falling in place with the idea that the Xbox One is a very well balanced system.

I cannot wait to see what this will do for both PC/Windows and Xbox One gaming!

That said, more pixels hasn't really mattered to me for some time. Stable frame rate, I will take that, but I truly hope this opens up for more innovative game mechanics instead of being another graphics war.

johndoe11211880d ago


What the hell are you talking about?? The xbox one and the ps4 has the exact same cpu. The xbox one's cpu is just clocked slightly higher. You don't think sony could clock theirs slightly higher if they wanted? Heat would not be an issue because the ps4 runs cooler than the xbox one even though the xbox one has a bigger fan.

Mega24880d ago

I really hope DX12 does what it's been said to do, given that mantle is AMD only. I run Intel/Nvidia, planing to do a AMD setup later. I don't want to be left behind lol.

xTheMercenary_880d ago

@johndoe11211 Actually the Xbox one runs cooler than the ps4, yes they both have the same CPU's but with the Xbox having a slight edge due to the small overclock Microsoft gave it before release. Sony actually cant overclock the ps4 because it runs hot, overclocking would make it even hotter and with so little space inside the ps4 for circulation wouldn't be a good idea.

GameNameFame880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

You do know PS4 also have dedicated separate processor. PS4 can free up more power on CPU on OS than MS ever could.

Funny thing was "hidden processor" has been X1 secret sauce rumor for a long time. Hyped like crazy. but it was confirmed PS4 has it.

Sony also said later in console like after OS updates and optimization, more resource will be freed up.

----------------------------- ------------------

Yup. DX12 benefits PC only. Even MS said all those figures are benchmark were for PC. Not X1.

And are we seriously arguing about CPU? Thats just desperate.

Difference is TINY. that is benchmark done by Ubisoft.This is where GPGPU comes in. GPU gap is massive.

And even MS themselves said DX12 is giving what console have to PC. How desperate do you have to believe all those benefit figure for PC will work on X1? when even MS said it wont do much for X1?

LOL. Are you so desperately trying to believe something even MS said wont happen?

Kribwalker880d ago

^^^ sounds salty.

Ms has specifically stated that direct x 12 performance on Xbox one will depend on developers use of it for how much it will boost performance.

"We haven't lied about DX12 on XB1. Speed increase over DX11 depends on how your code works."

Straight from Phil spencer. No need to downplay it and say nothing's gonna change because as long as developers use it, there will be performance gains

NuggetsOfGod880d ago

Dx12 shown on pc.. queue the apu discussion..

GameNameFame880d ago


Even then, MS said
"effects won't be dramatic" - Spencer

MS dev says -"Traditionally this level of efficiency was only available on console – now, Direct3D 12, even in an alpha state, brings this efficiency to PC"
Brings what console have to PC.

You are holding on to your bubble so dearly.

LexHazard79879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

@johndoe, who you lying to kid. The PS4 heat output is hotter than Xbox One. Thats a fact!!

Its also the main reason I put my PS4 on top my desk with open ventilation and my Xbox enclosed but a good amount of airflow.

Edit: Also the CPU are not the same but similar as both have their own customizations. Also I don't think MS would pay AMD the insane of money they did just the have the same CPU as PS4.

johndoe11211879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

@mercenary & bakpain

Both of you guys are full of it. Facts don't matter to you guys only blind loyalty, and the sad thing is people are actually agreeing with that false information. Maybe they think that if they lie to themselves enough it may become true. The thing is, no amount of delusion can change facts:

It speaks volumes of the mentality of xbox fans on this site that you got a well said for a factually inaccurate statement.

huckle879d ago

Good luck with DX12, I hope it does good things for the X1. I am personally skeptical that it will do much on X1, but it would be cool if it makes it run better.

Locknuts879d ago

It's a non argument. Even AMD say to use DX12

samchez77879d ago

I have a complete AMD setup and mantle was VERY disappointing. BF4 performs far worse, and about 2fps difference with Dragon Age Inquisition. DX12 MASSIVE improvement on PC? Sorry but I'll believe it when I see it.

rainslacker879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

So I've just noticed a flaw in some of the Xbox fanboy's logic.

Donthate is clamoring on about the design decisions of MS to give it a more powerful CPU to keep it from holding back the GPU(again)...presumably Sony is OK with the CPU holding back the GPU.

Anyhow, since they both use the same CPU, how is it a design decision that was there from the start, when the increase in clock speed came out a mere month before the release of the console. If the X1 was designed around DX12 from the start, so all it's special stuff that will make it better, then why not have the higher clock speed from the beginning if it was so important?

The console was originally designed to run with a slower CPU(not sure how it relates to the PS4's clock but that's irrelevant to my point). So why is a small uptick in the clock speed suddenly a huge thing for DX12 being the bestest thing ever to blow us away when it finally gets implemented in full.

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otherZinc880d ago

The PS4 still doesn't have any 1080p 60fps Locked AAA Exclusive Games yet. Uncharted 4 had a chance, they delayed it to 2016.

Forza Motorsport 5 is the only 1080p 60fps Locked AAA Exclusive out.

Windows 10 & DirectX 12 will ensure Forza Motorsport 6, Fable Legends, & Halo 5 are Locked at 1080p 60fps.

What other developers do is up to them. However, M$ Exclusives are going to set the tone for Next Generation Games.

mixelon880d ago

Because we all care who has 1080p 60fps locked AAA exclusives! That's totally the barometer for a title's worth!

How many of the greatest games of all time have been 1080p 60fps? Any? Right.

879d ago
tuglu_pati879d ago


" It's also a racing game so running at 1080p 60p is nothing to be proud of.'

hu? I guess you are not proud of DC neither which runs at 30 FPS.

huckle879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

MLB the show is AAA and runs at 1080p 60fps on PS4...

But that is a moot point anyways, X1 is simply not as strong a machine, hardware wise. And the PS4 generally runs the same game better, so it would probably do the same with Forza. Exclusive game performance literally doesn't prove anything!

Geoff900879d ago

Nobody knows what framerate, resolution of those games are yet!

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GenuineGamer879d ago


A clear exampe of someone following what they been told. In real life, outside bs online misinformation, ps4 is louder and runs much much hotter than xbo. If you had any experience with both consoles you would know this.

rainslacker879d ago

Can't speak from personal experience on behalf of the X1, but if the PS4 is louder, then the X1 must be whisper quiet because the PS4 is virtually silent except on start up if there's a disc in the drive.

Heat is probably a variable thing, but never noticed the PS4 being particularly hot, and it certainly runs well within the boundaries of the chip manufacturers.

GenuineGamer879d ago


yeah i agree it depends on certain conditions like where you keep your console an what game you play ect.

PS4 is algood aye but XBO is def quieter and always cool even under heavy load i can put my hand on it an its barely warm. Always lots of cold air coming out the vents :)

I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Seriously all this talk about heat between X1 and ps4 is rediculous anybody gunna mention that the fact the Xbox is the size of a VCR and has a power brick instead of a built in psu. Why are you guys arguing about cpu's vs gpu's. fact when it comes to gaming it's all about the gpu, only crappy devs like ubisoft think its all about the cpu and that's why their games are unoptimized piles of crap on PC. Most of the heat in the ps4 is coming from the damn PSU. You guys are comparing apples to oranges. Gpu > cpu so just seriously shut up about the consoles this article was suppose to be about pc anyways. And people mentioning forza for X1 grind my gears that game was downgraded to the tits to make that 60 FPS. That game literally is a polished basic turd. Driveclub even at 30fps is better than forza at 60. Minus the server issues because that's not graphics.

Snookies12880d ago

I'm pumped to see what it can do. I hope it's as good as they're making it out to be!

christocolus880d ago

DX12 is guess is that MS will demo the first DX12 games at E3.

tuglu_pati879d ago

The are already demoing Fable Legends which is confirmed to run on DX12

GenuineGamer879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I am keen to see what the final product looks like with fable, but it was a dx11 game ported over. I'm more interested to see Forza 6 and Halo 5. I think they will be the first true dx12 games. And the new Gears in U4 will look even better still no doubt :)

Tzuno880d ago

Wouldn't this hurt the sales of high end components on PC? I have a feeling that something is fishy here, we just need to wait for win 10 and dx 12 to oficially launch.

borneblood123880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

It won't hurt sales.

They'll increase the graphics by 1300% and beyond so you're forced to continue spending on high end rigs if you want the best.

MRMagoo123880d ago

There is no increase in graphics by 1300% lmao. It will be a big boost to pc but it will be to all pcs no matter the specs.

Sonital880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

It's actually a really fair point. I think there will be a bit of a wobble for a bit while "the best bang for buck" is re-established as fundamentally the marking criteria has changed.

I seem to remember though that there are a lot of older medium-high end cards (560,570s, 6XX etc) still being surfaced in the valve hardware reports. I would assume a number of people will upgrade those to take advantage of "full DX12" when the games start rolling round.

I also think there's a big opportunity for Intel/AMD here as to be honest, the CPU market is quite unexciting unless you love to overclock!

mhunterjr880d ago

I doubt it. I just means that high end graphics card will be able to produce even better results.

Performance nuts are still going to want to have the best hardware available. And they be happy knowing that their expensive hardware will be used more efficiently.