Rumor: Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Heading To PS Vita

A source close to Ubisoft confirms to French site Pockett that PS Vita is getting a version of the 2.5D platformer.

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nidhogg876d ago

Then swell and good! The 2.5D side scroller fits the Vita very well.

MegaRay876d ago

AC:C is a 2.5D game? I love these kind of games, especially in Vita. So if this is true then, tthis'll be my first assassin creed game.

cpayne93876d ago

Or it could get a full ac game... Or just full retail style console games in general, considering that was the original promise.

Spenok876d ago

This would be wonderful news. Perfect place to play it!

killerluffy123876d ago

Sigh ..... bought a powerful handheld to play a 2.5d game.

Protagonist876d ago

Heh? it is a Xbox One, PS4, PC game, and this is just a rumor.

Did you buy Assassin's Creed: Liberation for your Vita?

cpayne93876d ago

Decent game, though flawed and clearly under developed from a technical point of view. Uncharted, killzone, tearaway, wipeout, and soul sacrice were great. Gravity Rush was awesome, and persona 4 was amazing, but where have these kinds of games gone? They came the first two years and now we get nothing. Where is gravity rush 2? Where is the next uncharted? A gta game? The handheld is no longer getting the support it was promised. I bought the system for console style games with good graphics on the go, but that is now a thing of the past. We mostly get games a ds could run now.

Tapani876d ago


I have to agree with you completely. You said the cold hard truth.

cpayne93875d ago

@Tapani Thanks, but I feel like most of the users on this site are unwilling to see it that way. The Vita has lost relevancy, and it's sad because I was really hyped for it initially. Probably the most disappointing console I have owned.

Summons75876d ago

We're lucky a AAA franchise is going to the vita at all. It's been nothing but indie games.

Protagonist876d ago (Edited 876d ago )


Nothing but indies...really?.

Gameseeker_Frampt876d ago

Still trolling the Vita I see. Good thing you already sold your Vita almost a year ago.

"ya watever , I aredi sold my Vita and ready to get a 3DS lite for SSB"

The amusing part is that you bragged about getting a 3DS for a 2d game.

Spenok876d ago

Good looking out, voted him down to prevent future trolling... well, allow less of it anyways lol.

Protagonist876d ago


You exposed him ;))), shame I could not reply to that old comment of his...

gokuking876d ago

If true, I find it interesting that both of Vita's Assassin's Creed games star not only women, but non-white women.

Ultr876d ago

It was stupid to not release it right away...!

TheColbertinator876d ago

I really hope so. Liberation and P4G are the only Vita games I cared for

Hanso876d ago

wow then you must not play a lot of games in general...

TheColbertinator876d ago

I played most popular Vita games and they did not keep me occupied long. P4G is Vita's only killer app at the moment

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The story is too old to be commented.