Bloodborne Sold Out in Many Stores in Tokyo; Check Out Sony's Japanese Launch Party

Sony celebrates the launch of Bloodborne with a party in Japan, while copies of the game fly off the shelves in Tokyo.

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Thatguy-3101060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

I'm curious to see how this game did commercially. I'm positive it's going to sell more than the spiritual predecessor that came out on the ps3 because it seems like it got more exposure and attention this time around by the mainstream audience. For a niche genre it captured a lot of attention this month.

Abriael1060d ago

It's definitely popular among hardcore gamers. When the first leaked trailer came out, the internet went bonkers. What's a little less predictable is the wider semi-casual userbase. I do wonder if the "cool" factor trickled over in less core environments and how many that knew nothing of the Souls series got it just because it was marketed heavily.

Thatguy-3101060d ago

I for one never was into the souls serious. The way Sony marketed sparked my interest. I know a few guys who are new to the genre as well so I'm pretty sure a lot of the semi-casual audience jumped on it. IMO Sony did an excellent job marketing this game and add in the positive word of mouth and you bet that a new audience is beign introduce to this game.

DarkOcelet1060d ago

Thats incredible news. Congrats to From Software.

NewMonday1060d ago


"I do wonder if the "cool" factor trickled over in less core environments"

that would make a great article

nitus101060d ago

You are correct the Souls series and now Bloodborne are popular with hard core and gamers who like Action/Adventure RPG's. Basically if you don't like A/A RPG's especially those that have a hack & slash component then these games are not for you.

This is not to say that a gamer that is new to the genres won't like a game like Bloodborne (you have to start somewhere) it is just that games like this are hard and the developer From Software makes no apology for this.

Like all games made by From Software there is little if any hand holding and you either learn to play the game properly and dying allot is part of the process or give up and hate the series.

Buying a game based on hype is IMHO not a good thing to do especially a tough game like Bloodborne and especially is you are not that keen on the genres.

XBLSkull1060d ago

Lol, sold out has no meaning in a digital world. Game is still available to everyone with a PS4 and an internet connection, just sayin'

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CaptainObvious8781060d ago

I got the last copy here at Target in Sydney on release day. I was well pleased.

I wasn't expecting to see it sell so well, it's a pleasant surprise. More people to invade mwaahaaahaahaaa.

Right now I can only invade people that actively want to be invaded. I hope that gets patched.

bloodybutcher1060d ago

How does it work?Many a time i had this woman ringing sinister bell, or whatever it is called, yet never been invaded. Though i've waited quite long.

skulz71060d ago

Whilst it is a difficult and challenging game, perhaps just as much as the previous souls games, I think it's much more accessible which is such an achievement in my eyes.

NuggetsOfGod1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

So if this was an xbox exclusive I wonder if it would sell horrible.

It would still be a good game I just wonder about what happen in an alternate universe.

Would it bomb completely?

nX1060d ago

It's not so who cares?

miyamoto1060d ago

We have a GOTY contender from Japan after all these years!

Manubiggs1060d ago

Japan is coming back in a big way this year, MGSV, Persona 5, Street Fighter V, FFXV

kenwonobi1060d ago

I dont think its considered niche anymore. Niche only lasts until something popularizes the genre. Then its mainstream. I think this game made this a mainstream game.

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moegooner881060d ago

Can't find the game anywhere in Berlin either. Been looking for two days now. Never happened before with any release before. Bit of a bummer tbh

MasterCornholio1060d ago

At my local game store its pretty much sold out. I cant believe how popular this title is. I always buy from Amazon though and im planning on getting this game with DarkSouls 2.

A pretty good combination in my opinion since i never played either before.

Aither1060d ago

Glad it wasn't sold out here in the US. Managed to make it to Target on payday to obtain Blooborne with a $20.00 PSN card for a $65.00 combo.

supraking9511060d ago

Would be cool to see it top March NPD charts. Have to outsell multiplatform BF Hardline though

CaptainObvious8781060d ago

In the dude bro capital of the world, I just don't see that happening, even though I've played both and I would suggest BB deserves it more.

MegaRay1060d ago

I know ill get a ton of dislikes but whatever.

We need more games like this in PS4 and less "cinematic" games from Sony.

badz1491060d ago

why not all of them? the PS2 didn't get to be the most successful console in history by selling just a couple types of games. Bloodborne is nice, no denying that but for me, The Order was nice too and how happy am I that games like Tearaway is coming and how I hope something unique and charming like Puppeteer will make its way to the PS4 too.

Diversity is the word and that's why I have always been with Playstation. I just the masses too are more open into accepting different kind of games, not just those IPs that are popular. we cringe and get angry at devs and publishers recycling and annualizing games but gamers are at fault too for being too transparent regarding their choice of games and that opens the opportunity for publishers to bank in on them without fail!

kraenk121060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

I'm glad we are getting both!

ger23961060d ago

T's your opinion, so it's cool. I believe its great that Sony has such a diverse library of games. O.T. the game is awesome.

kenwonobi1060d ago

I would rather have both like Sony is doing. I dont like to be having a steady stream of one type of game. Sony has variety. Thats why I chose them.

SpinalRemains1381059d ago

I disagree.

As much as I love these games, I had one of the greatest gaming experiences ever playing Heavy Rain.

Sometimes you just have to try different things and you'll be surprised.

JWiLL5521059d ago

There's room for both...when is diversity in games a bad thing?

The Order sequel will be stellar.

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