Kojima Parting Ways with Konami: A Dark Cloud with a Silver Lining

Davis from Denkiphile: "With the recent and regretable departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami, there will be big changes felt throughout Konami, if not the entire game industry. There’s a reason all his games have the subtext, “A Hideo Kojima Game.” Without Kojima, these games wouldn’t be the same and we’ll see some of these five things happen in the coming years."

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DarkOcelet1179d ago

Kojima has to finish Silent Hills . This is BS. It became my most anticipated current gen game along with KH3 and FFXV.

Xman2K1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

He needs only to finish MGS, and continue MGS. Despite what people think, I believe the man loves making MGS. His passion and creativity for the game are unsurpassed.

Melankolis1178d ago

Sure, he loves continuing MGS but hates it at the same time. The feud between he and Konami making it easier for him to decide.

That, is only him quitting only another PR/Trolling,,,,

deadpoolio3161178d ago

Well now it will become multiplat, more people will get to play it...Hopefully they get Del Toro the hell away from it, that dude is overrated on Nolan levels with his only good films being Pan's Labyrinth and the first Hellboy

Biohazard88601178d ago

Agreed Dark.. It would be total BS if he does not finish it there is so much hype around him making the next silent hill game.

Lord_Sloth1178d ago

While I'm worried for the future of Metal Gear I'm happy that he's finally free to explore his creativity. Can't wait to see what he does unshackled.

Ristul1178d ago

...and you young Kojima, We will watch your career with great interest!

MasterCornholio1178d ago

Let's see what new IPs he can cook up.


I know that MetalGear Solid will never be the same without him.


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