Bloodborne Guide: Best Farming Spots for Blood Echoes, Blood Vials and Easy Level Up

GearNuke: "From Software’s Bloodborne is notorious for its difficulty. If you want a much easier time with the game and don’t hate using shortcuts to pass through a game, you will find this guide useful as it details farming spots for Blood Echoes, Blood Vials, and more, resulting in an easy way to level up depending on your current location in the game."

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joab7771178d ago

I just got to Cathedral, kill a few enemies, get 4000 echoes and buy like 7 vials at a time. You can get twins from the death dealer and vials from gravekeepers.

I'll try the other run. Maybe it's quicker.

I had 99 vials, beat amelia and fought the crow hunter and had none left lol! I think this system allows to to be more precarious with your vials. The estus made you really debate whether to use it or not.

One patch would fix everything though. Just allow a rest at lanterns. Thats it...then I would have 0 complaints about this game.

Summons751178d ago

I disagree but a storage would be nice in select places like the Cathedral. My biggest complaint is the online portion. The servers seem to be wacky and kick you as soon as you ring a bell to try and coop. Trying to summon someone costs an insight (which is fair) but it does it as you ring the bell. If you get kicked as soon as you ring the bell you just wasted one insight. Then, if you do get to wait for someone you are waiting for hours because they locked the small bell behind the merchant you need 10 insight to get into, so 1 not many people have it which means you need to wait and nobody seems to be waiting because when you do try to get summoned you are still waiting hours. The need to take one insight when you DO summon someone instead of when you try and they need to give everyone the small bell when they give everyone the summoning bell. I haven't tired invading because I've never cared for that since Demon's Souls but considering I'm 20 hours in and haven't been invaded once I'm going to assume it's more or less the same invasion wise. The searches in the Chalice menu never work either, it always says there isn't a single chalice dungeon I can connect to. So I haven't been able to do the chalice with anyone (and it's brutal so you need someone).

SpinalRemains1381177d ago

Reboot your ps4 and the multiplayer should work ok.

I quit trying to play pvp or coop after Rest Mode.

krypt19831177d ago

there is a item dup glitch so you can now get all the blood echoes you need very fast ...

Summons751177d ago

We can also sell things we don't want which will net you some echoes.