What's Your Favorite Free-to-Play Game?

USgamer:"This week we're asking about the much-maligned free-to-play game. Often loaded with microtransactions and pay gates, this type of game can sometimes be frustrating and annoying to play - because they're designed to relieve you of your cash. However, there are plenty of good ones out there, and that's what we're asking about. Out of all the free-to-play games you've played, which one is your favorite?"

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StrayaKNT1084d ago

As a free to play killer instinct is probably the best game of all time for me (huge fighting fan) and after trying it out I purchased both ultimate versions for season 1 and 2 and I'll do the same with season 3 as well. I would also say smite after playing the beta it is soooooo much fun and even though I wanted to play with anubis, I didn't pay for him I just played a few matches and saved up in game currency to purchase him.

Fro_xoxo1084d ago

I'm currently trying to get into Killer Instinct. Do you use an Arcade Stick?

I'm enjoying Killer Instinct at the mo'. I look forward to playing Neverwinternights as well.. and fable legends.

StrayaKNT1084d ago

I use the x1 controller I'm just so used to it I probably would get slapped if I used a fight stick lol you should practise alot in the dojo and also practise manuals they are very important if you want to get to higher levels. Would love to try the arcade stick to though. Yeah I tried looking for Neverwinter in the store to pre download it, what do I have to type exactly? would you know?

Fireseed1084d ago

Arcade sticks are nice but not neccesary, I've gone to competitions with just a pad and done pretty ok. But while Justin Wong played he used pad exclusively

joab7771084d ago

I don't like f2p. I've played DCUO and Swtor extensively. Guess what? I ended up subbing with both. And spending money on microtransactions.

camel_toad1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

It's a completely different genre and may not be your thing but my friend and I have been playing Robocraft for quite a while now considering its f2p. Its not much of a looker but its actually really fun.

waltyftm1084d ago

Toss up between Jet pack joyride, Tekken and DC Universe.

Multiplatguy1084d ago

I am torn between Smite and Hearthstone. Both fantastic games and I never feel like I want to spend money in Smite.

GundalfDeGrej1084d ago

Team Fortress 2 but I do admit it's starting to get a bit tiresome after ~1300 hours.

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The story is too old to be commented.