Double Take: Zelda Wii U Was Delayed, And That’s Awesome

Nintendo has recently announced that the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U will no longer be released this year, and this has understandably upsetted quite a number of gamers. However, is it really all that bad?

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Snookies121029d ago

Like Uncharted 4, it can only get better from delays.

CaptainPunch1029d ago

Look at the bright side, more time to play all the releases in 2015.

Snookies121029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

Yeah, there are plenty of cool games coming, and a lot of games I still have in backlog that need going through. I'm hoping this Zelda will be as good as Link to the Past, or Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask for me. Still waiting on something that can rival those games from the newer entries.

Don't get me wrong, the newer Zelda games have a special place with me as well. I just haven't felt the magic that those three gave me when playing.

gamerdad3161029d ago

absolutely agree. xenoblade and zelda was going to be a challenge if they released too close. i'll happily wait. the announcement seemed genuine and will make a better game

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NuggetsOfGod1029d ago

Tilt my hate to Nintendo.

They slow as heck but high in quality.

Zelda will be goty if it comes 2016.

I think think nintendo can go toe to toe with nuaghty dog.

Nintendo are better at creating fun gameplay. Link doesn't need 500 bones in his face lol.

Nintendo will continue to have the highest rated exclusives this gen.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1029d ago

Easy to keep having high rated exclusives when you stick to the same formula over and over again and don't try anything new. Don't even compare a simple Nintendo game to a Naughty Dog game.

Gezmoyassine1029d ago

I'm disappointed with the delay but i'm even more disappointed with Zelda not making an appearance at E3.It' would have been nice to see how it was shaping up..bummer

superchiller1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

That's "awesome"? Pretty desperate fanboy spin, not surprising coming from "nintendoenthusiast" , lol.

gamerdad3161029d ago

the article makes a lot of sense. did you read beyond the title? more importantly, do you own a wii u?

superchiller1029d ago

Lol be serious dude, why would I want a Wii U? It's a poorly designed, gimmicky system that isn't even remotely worth what they are charging for it.

And again, the article is nothing more than fanboy spin for a bad situation, anyone can see that.

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