Bloodborne review: scarlet letter | Polygon

"From Software's games have been lauded for how they buck modern game design trends. They don't rely on cinematic storytelling through lengthy cutscenes. They don't present pivotal action moments as button-matching "quick time events." They don't offer helpful breadcrumb trails to guide a player to the next story-driving checkpoint. They're just not particularly warm and friendly.

I expected Bloodborne would be challenging — it is — but primarily I assumed Bloodborne would simply transmute a long list of medieval fantasy tropes and established gameplay mechanics to a new, slightly more modern setting. Developer From Software upended those expectations, and the result is remarkable."

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DarkOcelet1058d ago

Well who would have thought that Polygon would actually give it a 9. I know i didnt.

robtion1058d ago

Great to see another high score but Polygon is a joke. Any site that would rate TLOU so low is not worth my time.

kraenk121058d ago

Polygon is the prototype of hipster scum infiltrating gaming media these days. Despicable site.

Kos-Mos1058d ago

Have you ever thought that they might be right in that review?
If you can`t proof otherwise I stand by those who write the review, and not the ones that say it`s wrong.
You are welcomre to give me a review of their review.

methegreatone1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

You know, there is a slight chance that if they rated TLOU low, they just... didn't really like it ?
One of their reviewers didn't like it that much ?

Their site doesn't become a joke because of that. Totalbiscuit tried TLOU and didn't really like it because of control issues or something. Is he a joke ? Not quite.

I've only watched a lot of TLOU in action (walkthroughs), and to me it was incredible. Simply the best game out there in so many aspects. That intro sequence... I'd probably give it 9 or 10 if the second half of the game keeps up the same quality (I can only assume it does ? I've watched halfway)

That's not the point though. Judging sites like this is kind of stupid

Ezz20131057d ago

I imagine the guy who give Bloodborne 9/10 was grinding so much that he broke all his teeth out of anger for giving a playstation game the score it deserve

Ladies and gentlemen
i give you the reviewer :

chrismichaels041057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

You know a game like Bloodborne is something really special when even an anti-Sony site like Polygon gives it a 9.0.

morganfell1057d ago

"Have you ever thought that they might be right in that review?"

Considering their past actions and the sheer mountain of indiscretions? No, not for a second, not for a moment, a blink in time, a fleeting moment, and angel's gasp.

No, just no.

And chrismichaels above is correct. The staff at Polygon must have screamed like they were having their lungs ripped out.

Septic1057d ago

Polygon give the game a good score. Fanboys on N4G continue to make themselves look even more petty. Can someone show these guys the low scores they gave exclusives on other platforms please? Maybe that will stop them or will they form a new conspiracy theory?

miyamoto1057d ago

LoL @ Polygon! You jokesters! Jajajajajajajaj!

guyman1057d ago


O lord, what you said is just incredibly sad.

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MRMagoo1231058d ago

Doesn't this score mean it's really a 12/10 ?

generic-user-name1057d ago

They couldn't review it badly because it's a From Software game, imagine if From's next game is Dark Souls 3 and it was multiplat, it'd look bad for them to crap on bloodborne and then go back to worshiping DS3 because it's not sony exclusive.

-Foxtrot1058d ago

Funny how there review comes out just after IGN' know with their delay in all

DragonKnight1058d ago

I'm just surprised they didn't knock it down to 6 out of 10 for the mild sexual innuendo when Gerhmann (sic?) talks about the doll.

"Game promotes prostitution by alluding that a female doll can be 'used' to suit the players 'needs' 6/10."

CaptainObvious8781058d ago

I was going to say the same thing.

The reviewer mustn't of being paying attention during that part.

DragonKnight1058d ago

More likely he hasn't been told what to think about it yet. Wouldn't be surprised if Kotaku makes an article about it soon considering the connections between the two sites.

insomnium21057d ago


I'm sure that Anita Sarkeesian will have a field day with that one though. Time for a new donation people.

TheVoid1058d ago

Will this put to rest the whole notion that Polygon hates everything Sony.

-Foxtrot1058d ago

Not really.

They aren't stupid, if they do it to every Sony game they would make it too obvious.

I will never forget the Last of Us review...and I mean the written review not just the number. Something they marked down for "bad weapon sway" when it's something you upgrade.

TheVoid1058d ago

So this is a conspiracy? Maybe I'm just not buying it.

huckle1058d ago

Yeah, that was a horrible review, regardless if you liked TLoU or not...

Maybe Polygon turned over some staff.

huckle1058d ago

Not trusting a Microsoft funded site to give unbiased PlayStation game reviews = pathetic.

methegreatone1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

You're kidding right ?


The thing is, it's not just polygon.

What really shows how stupid this mentality is :-
The moment any site scores any exclusive low, eg The Order 1886, remember all the outcry all over n4g comments ? You can like the game and disagree with reviews, but no. It's the exact same thing as this. All review sites suddenly become XBOX fanboys. Whether it's Polygon, or IGN, or all reviewers as a whole. It's the exact same hypocritical crap that gets spewed out by fanboys.
The top voted comments were always about how the reviewer sucks, or just wants to bash the game, or how XBOX exclusives will never be badly reviewed for being linear.
All of a sudden reviewers all want only open world games.
All of a sudden it's because they have a grudge against that console's exclusives.
Funnily enough, once Bloodbourne gets 9 and 10 from everyone, all of that is gone.

To all the people who do this : You're just fanboys. Yes, there are haters, and they are idiots. For example, with The Order, haters went out saying "Boring, linear QTE fest, black Bars haha shit"
Needless to say, that's stupid. That misses the point. That doesn't discuss anything useful at all. It's also hypocritical, given that none of the things they listed are actually bad things.
You're just as bad though. You do the exact same thing. You don't discuss the specifics, you just apply sweeping, vague and mostly retarded labels. You make comparisons with COD's review scores to make your point of all reviewers are bad. It's all stupid, hypocritical and non sensical.

Reviews are reviews. Some like certain games, others don't.
Some people are taking the recent serious journalist ethics issues and mannipulating them for more fanboy oriented purposes. It's sad, really.

I guess this is like, the only one downside to console exclusives, is fanboys on both sides acting this way.

DOMination-1058d ago

Sony also gave Polygon funding in its early days.

Big_Game_Hunters1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

This is getting pathetic, you conspiracy babies need to stop, or at least keep it your yourselves. Maybe go meet up once a week so you can cry and moan about it together where the rest of us don't have to see it.

"Reviewers gave (knack, driveclub, The order, Killzone SF) low scores because bias against Sony, OH WAIT BLOODBORNE 93 METACRITIC!!?!? THOSE REVIEWS ARE ACTUALLY TRUSTWORTHY, AT LEAST UNTILL SONY'S NEXT GAME GETS LOW SCORES"

Cupid_Viper_31057d ago

@ methegreatone

Irrationalities can be found on/in either fringes of the divide between the two camps, so I can't completely refute your calls of "hypocrisy". But to pretend that reviewers weren't out to get The Order is just that, "irrational".

contrary to popular beliefs, it's the reviewers who have to agree with the gamers, and not the other way around. We often make the mistake of letting reviewers dictate what types of games get made and such, when the vast majority of these reviewers are "casual gamers". These are guys reviewing games they are barely competent at, and then proceed to provide their "expert opinions" onto with a score slapped onto it.

As a matter of fact, the less "personal emotions" found in a review, the more accurate its description of the game becomes. Stick to the facts and let the gamers decide if they've played too much of the same type of games before, and how tired or not tired they are of the gameplay mechanics being offered. Because the minute you don't, you're making way too many assumptions about who's going to buy the game, and how they're going to feel about it.

If you're 29 years old and reviewing a certain game, chances are that you're already familiar with the gameplay mechanics and other nuances of the game because you've probably been gaming for years. For someone who's 14 years old, that very same game may be the first time he's ever seen such mechanics in a game. To ignore these nuances and many other ones and slap a 4/10 on a game like The Order 1986, which is not broken, which is not asking for DLC money, IS to show a complete inability to comprehend the purpose of a review.

So this leaves us with 2 options, either these guys are complete fools who should be out of a job because they lack the proper skills and understanding of their jobs. Or, there were underlying forces out there who saw that The Order 1986 as being a threat. Maybe that's why they bullied it like the new pretty girl in school who all the popular girls instantly hate because they fear loosing all the attention and being relegated to a back seat.

2 great critically acclaimed games for the PS4 at a time when the Xbox One doesn't really have any for the next few months didn't bode well for quite a few folks. And they simply picked on the one which was more vulnerable one in The Order 1986. It would be hard to go against Bloodborne when so many have already played the Demons and Dark Souls series. It would expose them way too much.

Septic1057d ago

The double standard from fanboys is even more astonishing than whatever perceived bias Polygon has.

It extends beyond them. With The Order fiasco, I witnessed some of the most downright pathetic excuses, accusations, conspiracies and defences lodged against almost the entire industry. So many on here couldnt handle the fact that maybe, just maybe, that game was terrible.

Selective amnesi. Having your cake and eating it and the perpetual changing goal posts.. FuN times.

I dont agree with many of Polygons reviews and their constant sjw pandering but I don't adopt such an unbearable ans childish attitude that many on here do.

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Malice-Flare1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

no, it won't. as long as their policy remains, that after a review is written a group will read it and decide the score (doesn't matter if people in the group played the game or not), Polygon will always remain questionable. especially with a known person like Gies as Reviews Editor...

you're getting disagrees because people don't like the question you asked...

TheVoid1058d ago

Okay simply asking. I'm new here why am I getting so many disagrees?

TFJWM1058d ago

Your getting disagrees because one review does not an unbiased site make

OT: I figured they wouldn't go over 8, I applaud them

Neo_Zeed1058d ago

If this were on Xbox... Polygon would have found a way to give it an 11.

mixelon1057d ago

Sorry to see all the disagrees, you quickly learn what people like here are like though. :/

Polygon also loved Resogun, and numerous other things. Sites just post incredibly wonky reviews sometimes.. All of them!

IGN's Alien Isolation review is my personal least favourite, but oh well!

Septic1057d ago

Not at all. TLOU's score haunts many who can't comprehend how someone couldn't possibly like the game. Acknowledging Polygon would take away the fanboy fuel in the future.

Spotie1057d ago

If only it were someone, and not a group of someones who didn't even review the game.

If only they hadn't already given questionable scores to good PlayStation games.

If only they didn't have an avowed Killzone hater review Killzone.

If only Microsoft hadn't funded them.

If only they weren't willing to overlook- read: completely IGNORE- things like downgrades for Xbox exclusives while finding whatever possible to dock points for (certain) PlayStation exclusives.

Yeah, there are no reasons to question Polygon, even if they're not stupid enough to slam EVERY Sony exclusive.

Arkardo1057d ago

You people are too naive, there's no stupid conspiracy theories, is as simple as covering their asses once in a while, it's common knowledge if you've been following news sites for at least a couple of years and even more obvious if you have more time reading gaming news.

They are biased, they were funded by Microsoft in those days.

It should be pretty stupid If they give every PlayStation game bad reviews they Will lose the majority of Gamers whose doesn't follow gaming news because they will notice it.

Ign became a joke Of a website too, they wait for majority of websites with more honest reviews to go out so they don't F*** it up so badly.

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Rimeskeem1058d ago

I'll be honest, did not see 9 coming.

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