Reminder: Nintendo Is Always Delaying Major Zelda Games

Today, Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma announced that the upcoming Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U is not going to be coming out this year. That's a bummer, but not an unprecedented one: Lots of console Zelda games have been delayed.

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TheColbertinator1180d ago

Agreed. I'm never playing Zelda shortly after their announcement. Honestly I was expecting 2016 or 2017

deadfrag1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I have to say that among the others things i have already told about this delay i think Nintendo also made a good choise delaying to 2016 ;theres lots of great franchise sequels and new games releasing on the Xbox one and PS4 at 2015 holidays,that releasing Zelda Wii U in early 2016 maybe March will most likely will move more Wii U and Zelda games .Going against MGS 5 TPP,Halo 5,Forza6,Witcher 3 ...this year is pack with major releases already for PS4 and Xbox one and Nintendo also haves Xenoblade for the Wii U and hopefull Star Fox ,releasing ZElda Wii U next year in a period less packed with major releases from the competition will lead to more sales in Software and hardware for Nintendo.

Blank1180d ago

Thats okay there is yet for a Zelda game to disappoint ME! They can take their time I just hope they have Starfox at the ready this year so he can shine!

DarkBlood1180d ago

Better not release near 2017 or anywhere close to the nintendo nx thats all i'll say on that particular matter.

I want an actual hardware exclusive instead of the twilight situation again

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