$20 gift card added to Amazon's PlayStation 4 Bloodborne Bundle; Collector's Edition also restocked

Amazon has added a $20 gift card to their PlayStation 4 Bloodborne Bundle, which comes with the system, The Last of Us Remastered (digital), Bloodborne (physical) for $399.99. The previously sold out Bloodborne Collector's Edition has been made available for purchase again as well.

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SoapShoes1208d ago

Holy crap, amazing deal! PS4 is owning, XBox 1 has two bundles on Amazon but both sub top 50. Wow!

DemonSlayer4201208d ago

Yup the Xbone is in for a rough year with very little coming out in terms of AAA exclusives like Bloodborne and The Order. Too bad for Xbone only owners. I own both and have no plans to purchase anything this year for Xbone as of now. I only get exclusives on the bone, PS4 for multiplats and exclusives. I may get Rise of the Tomb Raider. Looking forward to Quantum Break but that's probably not releasing this year unfortunately. Scalebound will be a must buy more than likely but that won't be out this year either.

Aither1208d ago

This is the best deal for any non owner of the PS4 yet. You are practically getting the system for only $280.00. If I wasn't an owner of the PS4 already I would pick this up in a heartbeat.

Xavior_Reigns1208d ago

Ugh yet another example of why I should've waited and just focused on my backlog. Seriously this is a great deal for anyone planning to pick up a PS4.

Pastorfuzz1208d ago

I purchased the collector edition of this game. It is NOT worth the extra $20

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