PS4 Sales Pass 1,300,000 in Japan: Has Sony’s Console Finally Found its Stride in its Home Turf?

It's no mystery that the PS4 had a few rough months in Japan, mostly due to the lack of Japanese games to entice the local fanbase. Lately things seem to be going better, and the latest Media Create chart combined with historical data reveals that Sony's news console has sold over 1,300,000 units in the country. To be more precise, 1,303,655 PS4 consoles have found a loving Japanese home.

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Abash934d ago

Its been moving a hundred thousand units in Japan every few weeks now, how about you wait till a more significant amount of time passes so you can evaluate a larger result?

RocketScienceLvlStuf934d ago

I wonder how the japanese will react to bloodborne. Is it there type of game?

RocketScienceLvlStuf934d ago

No. I know it's made by japanese devs. But interested to know if this is a game that will move alot of PS4's in Japan

NuggetsOfGod934d ago

Lol u can't say anything potentially anti sony even if ur just asking a simple question lol

mikeslemonade934d ago

Those Japanese people finally regained their senses. Flip Flopping around like that. I knew they would come around.

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Mega24934d ago

The japan market has left the conventional consoles behind, mobile and handheld dominate more, Nintendo sure has its grasps on the handheld, just imagine if their mobile division takes off.

Thatguy-310934d ago

Yet the ps4 is on top of handheld in the recent sales chart. Handheld has a big preference but consoles are no way left behind. Just like Nintendo dominates handled, Sony dominates consoles.

cabinotier934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

The ship sony dominates is sinking, though.

MrSwankSinatra934d ago

Consoles are irrelevant in Japan, look at the sales data. Handhelds are the hot items over there in japan, consoles are more of a novelty if anything.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08934d ago

@Mega24 @cabinotier @MrSwankSinatra @Dudebro90

You guys are hilarious! ´The japan maket has left conventional consoles behind' ´The ship sony dominates is sinking, though.´ ´Consoles are irrelevant in japan, look at the sales data. Handhelds are the hot items over there in japan, consoles are more of a novelty if anything.´

The ass-hurt is strong within these comments.

OT: great news.

Mega24933d ago

What ***hurt? I own a PS4 myself... the fact that consoles have been selling less each generation in Japan is the real truth. Populated areas in Japan prefer mobile/handheld, because they spend more time outside of there houses where they cant use their consoles. Love how people disagree with real data.

SaveFerris934d ago

Slowly but surely the sales are rising. More games are needed, especially Japanese games.

LamerTamer934d ago

Crawling is still better than stone cold dead like the xbone in Japan..

NeverHeavyMan934d ago

Without context, this is an open-ended comment. 1.3m units at this point in its life doesn't have it too far behind its predecessor, for example. I'm not saying it is setting Japan on fire, but it's also lacking the kind of hardware movers that it needs to keep things moving at a faster pace, which will start to change this year. Perspective is key, my friend.

OT: Seems like it's doing okay, considering that market's seemingly declining interest in home consoles.

nitus10933d ago

Basically handhelds are popular for potability so gamers who are away from their home will use a handheld whether it is a gaming handheld such as a 3DS or a Vita or even a smartphone such as an Android or iPhone. Both handheld gaming markets are huge.

Now comes an interesting question, do gamers prefer playing a handheld at home or do they prefer playing on a console to a HDTV? Personally I think a console or even a PC is preferred when the gamer is at home although the choice depends on if the gamer prefers playing games on a console or on the PC.

No matter which way you look the gaming market it pulls in billions of dollars a year and while there will be peaks and troughs in that market it is still doing fine.

strickers933d ago

By being top selling HARDWARE last few weeks? By a margin, including handheld.

Travis3708934d ago

Yay! everyone needs a PS4!

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