Cities: Skylines is the real deal, and Colossal Order is schooling EA on post-release support

Cities: Skylines is excellent, and with Colossal Order providing admirable post-release support, it appears the game will only grow to be even better.

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crazychris41241060d ago

Game is great but I hope they add disasters, tunnels, building and bridge variety and unique buildings like prisons, stadiums, international airport, and much more.

kythlyn1060d ago

Tunnels are confirmed to be in the works, and Stadiums are already in. I'd like them to overhaul tourism entirely though to make it more viable.

crazychris41241060d ago

Tourism is pretty bad and im pretty sure there is only the arena in the game.

kythlyn1060d ago

FYI, the Stadium is a tier VI unique building.