Following The Legend Of Zelda's Delay, Here Are 5 Other Video Games That Could Be Delayed This Year

March has been a bad month for delays. So far we have had a console exclusive game delayed for each console (Uncharted 4, Quantum Break, and The Legend Of Zelda), we've also had the small delay of Batman: Arkham Knight.

ThisGenGaming looks into what other games could suffer delays this year whether they are small delays or delays until 2016.

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IHassounah1089d ago

When did Quantum Break get delayed ? didn't they confirm that the guy who ttweeted that was fake ?

OT : I don't think The Witcher 3 will get delayed anymore

bleedsoe9mm1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

i've heard multiple people on podcasts and twitch say it , but i never caught the story where it was officiallly delayed , just the debunked rumour you mentioned . but i do think this would make a great feb - march game won't get lost in the holiday push .

ps - i'm on my second purchase of BB , i already bought it returned it in disgust , and now i bought it again , if anyone can wish me luck or give me hints it would be appreciated .

shloobmm31089d ago

Everyone who talked about it was simply basing it off of that trolls original delay announcement. Word on the streets is August is when it will hit.

jb2271088d ago

If I'm not mistaken, there was a tweet from an actual MS employee replying to the fake one that basically also alluded to the game potentially being delayed & being all the better for it. I highly doubt QB drops this year unless Remedy has been re staffed from the ground up by people more invested in deadlines. Alan Wake took 5 years from announcement to release, and it was a relatively straightforward title w/ no tv element. Considering we haven't even seen any casting for the live action portion & it doesn't even have an imdb page yet, either the game is outright delayed or the live action portion is delayed or relatively minuscule in proportion to what was originally announced. I think MS definitely gets Halo out the door, along with a single original Gears of War remastered instead of a collection, and Rise of the Tomb Raider either gets delayed to do what it was purchased to do, compete w/ Uc4, or releases on time for the holidays in whatever state it may be. Most likely another announced indie level title in time for the holidays, then a bunch of trailers for their 2016 slate. As is, that's an extremely solid line up when you throw multiplats in...anyone expecting a lot more must not be looking at the same release trends I am.

poppinslops1088d ago

You are mistaken... there was no such tweet.

Also, Alan Wake did have a live-action component, called 'Bright Falls'.
Quantum Break's show affects the game (and vice-versa), so they'll ship together... it probably won't ever appear on imdb.
Dominic Monaghan (Lost, LotR) and Shawn Ashmore (heaps of stuff) were cast a while back.

Sam Lake has repeatedly said '2015' and I believe him.

jb2271088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )


I think the status of the live action component is meant to be a little more involved than the Bright Falls stuff from Alan Wake, and I assumed it would be released under the new (& now defunct?) banner of Xbox Originals, whose stuff had been seeing imdb pages & updates. Either way, Ashmore & Monaghan were cast for the actual game, not for the live action component. The rights to the actors likenesses are different in either situation & I'd say it'd be fairly costly to put those actors in the live action portion. At this point they'd only been confirmed as roles in the game proper. You could totally be right, but it seems like the 2015 was only ever a nebulous date in the first place, not something set in stone by Sam or any QB or MS employee, more of a target they were trying to hit. As we saw in the recent Zelda news, targets tend to move fairly easily. I personally think it'd be a mistake to crowd the holidays w/ 3 marquee titles in similar Action genres (Rise, Halo, QB) when MS has taken so much flak for not spreading out their releases this year, so I still think something will give, and I'd personally place my bets on that being the unproven new ip of Quantum Break receiving that breathing room to get the attention it most likely deserves.

TheJacksonRGN1089d ago

The Quantum Break delay was revealed to be a hoax unless I'm mistaken. Also Ubisoft has confirmed a 2015 release for The Division.

Funny how every time one of these delay articles pop up, TD is in the thumbnail.

Thisgengaming1089d ago

Not every selection in the article is a delay to 2016.

TheJacksonRGN1089d ago

The selection about The Division and Rainbow 6 is though.

deadpoolio3161088d ago

Originally it was debunked, and then they turned around and actually made it official..

TheVoid1089d ago

I sure hope neither Ubisoft game gets delayed. Along with Halo 5 and No Man's Sky those are my most anticiapted titles to come in 2015.

shloobmm31089d ago

I believe Rainbow six is coming in October. I don't anticipate a delay there because the game already seems very polished.

kraenk121088d ago

I highly doubt NYS will come out in 2015. Actually not s chance in hell.

Jughead34161089d ago

Man the Wii U can't afford any delays. Their exclusives are pretty much all they have this year. At least PS4 and XBOX ONE owners get a lot of other games, if one gets delayed.

deadpoolio3161088d ago

Its only a delay for the Wii U because they don't want to admit yet that the Zelda and probably the Starfox game have both been cancelled for the Wii U so that they can be launch titles for the NOV 2016 NX console release....

Tout Man Ifik1089d ago

IMHO any FPS type game that comes out this holiday season will get slaughtered by Star Wars Battlefront. I hope to see delays of The Division and also Rainbow 6. I would hate to see these potentially great games get destroyed by another potentially great game. March or April 2016 should be good for UBI.

shloobmm31089d ago

Both Battlefront and RB6 have big fan bases and they both have been a long time coming. I don't think it matters if they come out and same day and date it probably won't effect either if their sales and both will do well.

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