Divinity: Original Sin Dev Talks Boob-Plates, Sexism And Moral Outrage

One Angry Gamer "Caught in the crossfire between the media and gamers are game developers. The devs are just trying to make good games. However, the media’s finger-pointing hasn’t been limited to demonizing their own audience, they’ve also taken to silencing and badgering the artists and creators of interactive entertainment content as well.

One of the developers who knows full well about the demonization of artwork and having said art altered to fit the views of those offended by certain forms of gender depiction, is Larian Studios’ Thierry Van Gyseghem, an animator and artist who worked on the PC RPG Divinity: Original Sin."

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If those people hate games so much then just go... you're not welcome in our community and NO it's meant to be inclusive either, you can't come in from the outside and have your views catered across, you either fit in as an individual and contribute and have fun or GTFO.