15 Tips For New Bloodborne Players

Bloodborne is its own beast and it will challenge you greatly. It’s best to go in with a fighting advantage. We hope these fifteen tips will guide you through Yharnam.

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psplova1179d ago

Nice tips here. Appreciated.

higgins781179d ago

Install day 1 patch, 'upgrade' HDD, STILL deal with long load times and inconsistent frame rates...just kidding. The PS4 is a 'behemoth' as we know and the only 'next gen' machine on the market, the Wii U appears weedy in comparison, right?

FullmetalRoyale1179d ago

You don't have a chip on your shoulder. Nope.

guyman1178d ago

Great exclusives will always bring out trashy comments. Bloodborne is leaps and bounds better than anything released this generation thus far. Such a tough pill to swallow for haters.