Could Zelda Wii U Delay Make the Game a NX Launch Title?

With the game slipping into at least 2016 and the NX just around the corner, it begs the question on whether or not this delay will make Zelda Wii U become Zelda NX?

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MarquiseGT1122d ago

You have got to be kidding me.

DrWario1122d ago

Yes, and to all the skeptics, this idea has already been kicked around by major sites in the past 48 hours.

freshslicepizza1122d ago

why? they did it on zelda before with a gamecube/wii launch. nintendo wants the best return on their investments and if the wii u continues to struggle they are likely thinking of doing the same thing. i hope it's not the case and i think nintendo should have a new mario game to launch with the upcoming system instead.

DC7771121d ago

and while usually knowing at least SOME titles in the works coming in the future there is absolutely nothing for 2016. All announced games will be out by the end of this year (supposedly) except Zelda.

They said at E3 they will only concentrate on games coming out in 2015.

Unless they start showing more...ANY 2016 games it's a very bad sign for Wii U, and a possible sign of Zelda U being a swan song/TP multi port.

josephayal1122d ago

Zelda NX Exclusive, cant wait

Conzul1122d ago

I'm sure as hell not getting a WiiU, so hopefully a refocused NX home platform will do the trick.

ValKilmer1122d ago

The timelines could definitely align.

I could see a situation similar to The Twilight Princess where the game is released simutaenously on both platforms.

Outside_ofthe_Box1122d ago

I've been wondering this, do you write these articles or just submit them?

WillGuitarGuy1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I highly doubt that. If anything NX would be used as a cross-platform app for goodies in the game. Nintendo's done it in the past with their consoles and handhelds, so I wouldn't be surprised.

MrSwankSinatra1122d ago

Might as well be, I mean the Wii U (which I love) is a total failure. Nintendo went from their best selling console last gen to their worst selling console this gen. The name, the lack of features, hardly any third party support, etc. It was destined to fail, I hope Nintendo learns from their mistakes from the Wii U and rectifies them with the NX. What better way to do that than launch with a killer app like a Zelda game.

higgins781122d ago

So, the Wii U, something "which you love" is a total failure...erm, ok. I bought both a PS4 and Wii U at launch, and I can testify, while the PS4 has all the propaganda and sales in its favour, mine has been being used more as a Blu Ray/catch-up player than an actual GAMES machine. Yes, the Wii U is not without 'cons', but its strengths (in my opinion) push it way ahead. Killer exclusives, GAMES, performance and playability.

dcj05241122d ago

There's plenty of games on both systems. Don't try and undermine any of em

ps4gamer19831122d ago

So? Some people are capable of still loving things they consider to be total failures. I mean, look at some parents...

Lucreto1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Why would they delay the game to put it on their new handheld?

ValKilmer1122d ago

Nintendo has never said NX will be a handheld.

If anything, they seem to be hinting it will be a fairly advanced home console.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1122d ago

and they never said it would launch next year

Lucreto1122d ago

They never said it was the Wii U successor either but we have an article here assuming it is.

AJBACK2FRAG1122d ago

Ok then riddle me this why did Nintendo merge their home console and handkeld divisions?

ValKilmer1122d ago


Who said it would?

Zelda wasn't delayed until 2016, it was delayed until *AT LEAST* 2016. It could easily come out in 2017 and the fact Nintendo didn't explicitly give a 2016 timeframe makes me think it could.

DC7771121d ago

This is true and as of now there are no new games we know of coming in 2016 for Wii U. Usually we know about some games in the pipeline but currently the pipeline ends with 2015 releases and this Zelda game, with Nintendo wanting only to focus on this year's games at E3.

deadpoolio3161122d ago

Yeah cause they wouldn't be totally beyond Sega retarded dumb to release another handheld already....I know some of you geniuses have a hard time grasping this buuuut ITS NOT A HANDHELD...

They would be stupid to release the 3DS, then turn around and release the "NEW" Nintendo 3DS, only to turn around again and release another handheld....

They've done it before so don't be surprised when e3 2015 they talk about their new console maybe show something, and at e3 2016 they announce that new console drops in Nov with the Zelda game as one of its launch titles...

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