Bloodborne’s Long Load Times Could Teach Us a Valuable Lesson Before They Go

Bloodborne has long loading times. Here's why you should embrace that...

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Jackhass1153d ago

This might be a stretch, but I do think the complaining is overblown.

Snookies121153d ago

Yeah, it's really not as horrible as people are saying. I checked it out over at my friend's house, and while it does take longer than most games it's not too much of an issue. Especially with them looking to shorten the loading times anyway with the next patch. Besides, it gave me some time to reflect and think about what I did wrong when I died rather than just charging right back in afterwards.

heychrisfox1153d ago

I had the opposite reaction. It's fine in the first few hours (although aggravating), but after several hours straight of loading screens over and over any time you die or are teleporting around, it's a huge headache.

I get that the world is big, complex, and takes a lot to render. But it's pretty sad that "next-gen" struggles so much to do the bare minimum.

Septic1153d ago

Are we being told to embrace long loading times??


DragonKnight1153d ago

The load times are not the 40 seconds they were said to be, but this article is still a huge stinking load of B.S.

No, no we should not embrace load times. If there was ever an immersion breaking experience, it's load times in all forms. Whether it's load screens in games, buffering in videos, or any other kind of unwanted interruption, they should never be embraced. What kind of mind comes up with such tripe?

I'd downvote the site, but that does absolutely nothing.

Snookies121153d ago

@Septic - I'm not saying to embrace it, but it is what it is... I'm saying it gives me personally time to reflect on my actions and how to do things better before having control again.

It's a moot point though, because the devs are already working to improve them.

Septic1153d ago


I dont think the load times are that bad either for the samw reasons as you. Its just the author and his weird point about embracing the long load times. No...

Bimkoblerutso1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

It's so ridiculous. It's like people feel like they can't still love a game if they find anything wrong with it.

From Software has still made three (now four) of my favorite games ever, but I'm willing to admit that they've always had a bit of trouble with optimization, whether it be poor porting, crippling slowdown, or long load times.

LamerTamer1153d ago

I would like to know HOW they are going to reduce load times? It takes time to load those textures etc. After the GTAV patch that "improved performance" but downgraded the graphics to almost PS3 level I am skeptical. If they downgrade Bloodborne texture resolution (lower resolution means less data and faster loads) I would rather have the longer load times.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Those of you who are complaining about the loading times because of your impatience made a silly decision to buy a game that tests your patience. Just consider the possibility that it's not the loading screens that are the problem instead, consider the possibility that Bloodborne just might not be the game for you.

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Rimeskeem1153d ago

Well... when its the only thing you can complain about game then of course it would get blown out of proportion.

Spinal1153d ago

Now this is a new low for the Sony fanboy community. Defending long load times. Wow.... Seriously.... If this was any other exclusive on a non-Sony platform you lot would be laughing an throwing insults at it.

I'm sorry i have to call ya'll out on this one.

I got PC (my primary gaming machine), PS4 (secondary) & X1 so try say im a PC Elitist.

Genova841153d ago

Same here. I have a pci-e ssd so the load times for any game I play on pc are about 3 seconds max. So, I'm a little spoiled.

The load times would be even more annoying if I wanted to farm 3-4 enemies by a lamp. Luckily, in the 12 or so hours I've played I haven't had to do that.

Bathyj1153d ago

Laughing and throwing insults at a game that will probably fight it out with a couple other games for GotY and is certainly the best release so far this year on any platform, including the mighty PC for long loading screens?

I think not.

LackTrue4K1153d ago

lack of pc games i see, complain about sony exclusives...
lol...get back to upgrading your motherboard and downloading files.

Insomnia_841153d ago

I believe the "long" load times in this game are there to give you enough time to calm down after the rage before you can try again.

Perjoss1153d ago

I have to agree, played it for the first time tonight and fell in love with it, the load times only feel a little longer than most other games. I played about 100 hours of Destiny when it first came out and the load times for Bloodborne feel about the same as those, strangely though nobody really complained about the Destiny load times.

Muzikguy1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

The complaining is completely overblown if you ask me. I've not once complained about the load times. People need to relax a little bit. Look how much the game is loading when it does in fact load. I haven't walked into a group of NPCs only seeing arms or anything. I'm not saying crazy things about embracing them. Interruptions are just a part of life. I don't get mad and cuss out the cable company when my screen cuts out for a second. My internet gets bogged down once in awhile. I have to wait in lines at the grocery store, stop at red lights, reload when at the shooting range... All that stops immersion. Just something to complain about. In any event it seems like the loading times are the only thing people want to talk down about the game for. Good enough, whatever

On a different note have people noticed suspend/resume? I got 12 seconds from pushing the PS button to playing in hunter's dream. I love that feature! Makes the old way seem really slow. It was close to one minute just to boot to the OS screen I think (not sure, could be wrong)

SpinalRemains1381153d ago


I have no idea what everyone is bitching about.

I'm 35 hrs in, and I've died many many times.

I have no problem whatsoever with the loading. As a matter of fact, the loading isn't long enough sometimes! I'll pick up my device to read something and the games back up.

This is a serious issue, but not the fault of the game. Its the unrelenting, spoiled, ADD attitude that many gamers have taken up with. Its absurd to even suggest that a 15-20 second wait is somehow unacceptable.

Are we gamers, or Rainman?

garos821153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Love the game to bits so far. only had it one day up to now. But the loading time is a little shit to be honest.
it can be jarring when you want to go back and quickly in the mix and try different techniques with enemies.

Heres hoping they can at least improve them further down the line with patches. Only legit complaint so far

@ReTarDedFisHy agreed. they could have done something better with the load screen.

ThunderPulse1152d ago

Load times give me time to check my messages and stuff.

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WillGuitarGuy1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I played Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3 and before they got patched the loading times lasted around 20-30 seconds. For those who plan on playing Bloodborne for months to come the long loading could get old really fast. It's good to hear that From Software will be speeding things up sooner rather than later.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1153d ago

How long were they after the patch?

DragonKnight1153d ago

Demon's Souls is worse. Trust me. There's not a Souls game around that has longer load times than Demon's Souls.

Gamesgbkiller1153d ago

Demon's Souls is the worst indeed.

ReTarDedFisHy1153d ago

Yes, but at least Demon's Souls had character art to stare at during those long loads.

Genova841153d ago

They were basically non-existent on my pc ... I get why they're long, and they're worth the wait for sure but I also get why people are frustrated. Certainly it's not a reason to say it shouldn't be GOTY, or maybe even "best from software game ever!"

OmegaShen1153d ago

Gives you 40 seconds to think about where you screwed up, plus it is nice to have time to take a bite of your food before dying again.

Not for me, loads fast for me.

Genova841153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Urgh, they're not just "when you die", but also when you go to and from hunter's dream. I find using the lamps and loading back happening more often than I'm actually dying.

Also, this is nitpicking, but in demon's souls, at least they varied the loading screen ... oh biorr of the twin fangs ...

DragonKnight1153d ago

Definitely miss the art screens. Bloodborne's logo makes for a lame screen.

Xavior_Reigns1153d ago

@ DragonKnight

I agree, it's pretty lame, they should've been similar to Dark Souls load screens. Also the main menu screen should've been dynamic.

Becuzisaid1153d ago

Let's talk about something else...


That sucker it's no joke. Any suggestions?

cheameup1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I killed him this morning on my fourth attempt. I called another player in with the bell and we wrecked him

Xavior_Reigns1153d ago

He isn't as tough as you think. The tombstones are the true obstacle, so use them against him. Charged attacks are preferred when possible as well. Also if needed grind a bit and upgrade your weapons and stats.

When you get him to transform, keep some distance and have him break as many tombstones as possible, attack him after his combos (do not be greedy.)

I'd give ya a link to a my vid, but my upload speed is horrible. By the time it's ready, you may have already beaten him, if you haven't already.

goldwyncq1153d ago

Use the music box during his final phase and then go all out on him. If you think he's tough, just wait until the next one.

Xavior_Reigns1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Blood Starved B!tch is a B!TCH!!!

I finally gave in and used the NPC summon also that music box makes the father even more of a joke.

Muzikguy1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

He is tough. I had help from another player though so it wasn't so bad. Only after he was beaten did I learn about the music. Oh well. Now I'm having trouble getting into a game with another person. That kind of sucks. Can't join anyone or get help :/

Maybe the levels are too spread out now. I guess I figured it would still find someone lol. I'm level 35 so who knows

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DeadManMMX1153d ago

Nah I had my fill of long loading screens after deaths way back on PS1 with Fear Effects first boss and many insta kills. Here's hoping this trend never returns.

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