Exploring DirectX 12: 3DMark API Overhead Feature Test

Before jumping into our (Anandtech) results, let’s quickly talk about testing.

For our test we are using the latest version of the Windows 10 technical preview – build 10041 – and the latest drivers from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. In fact for testing DirectX 12 these latest packages are the minimum versions that the test supports. Meanwhile 3DMark does of course also run on Windows Vista and later, however on Windows Vista/7/8 only the DirectX 11 and Mantle tests are available since those are the only APIs available.

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Bigpappy1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

"Like AMD, NVIDIA seems to be command processor limited here. GPU-Z reports 100% GPU usage in the DX12 test, indicating that by NVIDIA’s internal metrics the card is working as hard as it can."

Pushing GPU's to the max. Very encouraging indeed.

Pandamobile1063d ago

This is the biggest advancement in PC graphics in like 10 years. So stoked for this.

Bigpappy1063d ago

I am trying to recall a bigger jump, but I am coming up empty.

I am hoping to see developers preview some of what they will be able to achieve with the draw calls, command buffers and things like tile resources while having better monitoring tools for coding to the metal.

I am thinking: what they can accomplish on mid to high end PC's is going to make some console users really have to start looking at PC again for their really big AAA titles. Some of those draw gains are way to high for me to fully appreciate and understand what it means for the future of gaming graphics.

Pandamobile1063d ago

Yeah it's pretty crazy. Nvidia and AMD have been packing insane amounts of compute power into their GPUs for years, but they've never really had room to spread their wings due to the drawcall bottleneck. All of a sudden all that power that's been locked away is suddenly at developer's fingertips.

It's still unrealistic to expect every developer to start pushing PC GPUs to their limits due to the manpower and budgetary constraints, but having all that extra horsepower means that even modest rigs will be capable of pushing extremely high resolutions and frame rates while consoles are still stuck trying to break 1080p lol.