Earthbound: For the First Time

Brasel The Gamer of Gaming Rebellion writes: "I finally played through Earthbound, and I was honestly surprised. Sure, I’ve heard countless wonderful things about the game, but I had no idea it would live up to just about every one of those expectations. Earthbound was fantastic, and despite having a Dragon Warrior like battle interface, I loved it. I didn’t play Earthbound as a kid, but I was fully aware of the game when it was released. Nintendo Power promoted it heavily and I just wasn’t interested. Do you want to know why? Because the marketing campaign relied on gross out humor. I’m not a fan of gross out humor. “This Game Stinks” and all the other food or bad smell related ads completely turned me off to playing this game, despite the fact that by this time, I was an RPG fan."

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Jackhass1031d ago

I played it for the first time recently too. Glad it lived up to the hype.

gangsta_red1031d ago

This game is such a brilliant piece of work. I too wasn't interested in it because of the marketing Nintendo did. But when I started playing it I seriously laughed out loud and so many moments.

The fat kid who dogs you out throughout the whole game is the ultimate antagonist. Seriously, right up there with Kafka of being the supreme a**h*le in video games.

Nintendo should be taken to court for not releasing any other Earthbound/Mother games to the west.


Yeah, despite having it for a while now, I soon will be getting to this game in it's entirety for the first time also. I'm also a big RPG fan, and this is one game that positive word of mouth, and reviews, top 100s, etc. have steered me to a game, I would have otherwise overlooked.

TheOnlyMastrx1031d ago

Best game ever, I still have a SNES cartridge of this, I think they go for like $100, but I will never sell it.

Nerdmaster1031d ago

I tried playing it some years ago, but it was too silly for my taste. I ended up getting it on the final Club Nintendo offering, so I'll try to play it again someday.

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