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no_more_heroes1210d ago

This is either an early April Fool's joke, or the need to fix the article headline.

Genuine-User1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

The new Zelda is supposedly the most ambitious Zelda yet, it was painfully obvious that Nintendo were going to get a delay it.

deadpoolio3161210d ago

Its NOT delayed....They haven't admitted it yet but you watch, the game has been cancelled for the Wii U altogether....Development will have been moved to their new console, so that it can be a launch title for the system releasing late 2016..

Yi-Long1210d ago

Agreed, and that's what I already suspected last year, when I said it wouldn't surprise me if this gets delayed and turns into a launch game for a new Nintendo console, like Twilight Princess for Cube/Wii.

VenomUK1210d ago

@deadpoolio316 That's disappointing but we're thinking the same thing, maybe Zelda has been delayed to be an NX launch title - and with good reason. Launching a new console is hard enough, Nintendo want to make sure they come out swinging with at least one triple-A game at launch. A new Nintendo and a new Zelda together would be a genuinely exciting event.

Knushwood Butt1210d ago

That horse riding demo they showed made this pretty obvious.

Wii U is in serious trouble.

freshslicepizza1210d ago

delays will hurt nintendo the most since they don't have as much from third party.

i don't get the company at all. they said time and again they will have a steady stream of games and it never happens.

hire more people, build new studios, create new ip's like splatoon. partner more with outside parties like bayonetta 2. stop making inferior hardware which makes it difficult for third parties, stop with the gimmicks that nobody outside of nintendo will support, it's not rocket science.

mikeslemonade1210d ago

Nintendo shook in their pants when they saw the reception Bloodborne. Now back to the drawing board for the Zelda developers.

I hope it gets scrapped and made for the NX. I've been done with last gen systems since 2011.

wonderfulmonkeyman1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Are you incapable of reading? Or did you just not watch the video?
He specifically mentioned that the game is still going to be on wii u no less than two times.
Furthermore, there is no information about the NX other than we will JUST HEAR more about it next year, and there is certainly no information pointing to Zelda moving off the Wii U for the sake of a console that is still in its planning stages.
And Mike, just keep quiet until you've learned that the Wii U is a part of the current gen of consoles.

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chrismichaels041209d ago

Id rather Nintendo take all the time they need and give us a good delayed game rather than a crappy rushed game that wasnt ready. As a PS4, WiiU, PC gamer...I have plenty of games to keep me busy in the meantime.

Septic1209d ago

Nooooooo!!! This was going to be glorious :'(

Spenok1209d ago

Honestly I'm surprised that ANYONE is surprised by this announcement. EVERY Zelda EVER has been delayed at least once. It's to be expected at this point.

avengers19781209d ago

Way to drop the ball again nintendo

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Yet he doesn't flat out say it a 2016 release. All he said was 2015 release isnt the priority. Making the BEST and COMPLETE Zelda game ever to date is.

@VenomUK & deadpoolio316
NX isnt launching next year.

Possibility of information giving on NX next year =/= releasing next year

Nintendo console are 5-6 years lifespan. Never changing.

VenomUK1210d ago

@OtakuDJK1NG. That's right. Just speculating/ wishful thinking! Also, the video goes on to mention the Wii U two or three times so he is underlining that it will be a Wii U game.

Erik73571210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Really? Its one of the most unsuccessful console they have ever released why not? Sony basically abadoned the vita, why cant Nintendo abandon the wiiu? Its doing even worse than the vita overall if barely better.
. Sony dominating the competition to a unprecedented amount

.One of the most financially Unsuccessful console of all time released by Nintendo

.Small user base

.Embarrassingly behind their competitors in its networking capabilities which ends up hurting their own user-base.

.They announced Nintendo Network which will probably be a well needed overhaul of their network and I can bet money on that they will release it simultaneously with their next console and it will work and be used on people cellphones which is good and puts them ahead of Sony and Microsoft for online.

.They had a press conference literately saying they hope to show more later this year of their next gen console! This is strong evidence of their low confidence with WiiU.

.The demo of zelda, while looked good, ran horribly and had some of the worst draw distance and anti-aliasing I have ever seen in with Public gameplay reveals. It already, in pre-alpha, looked like it was to much for the wiiu to handle.

.This is a golden age of gaming software, indie and 3rd party alike and Nintendo is getting almost zero of this momentum and wont get it ever with the Wii-U and is a problem when 3rd party is stronger than ever, Final fantasy xv, Metal Gear Solid, Witcher 3, Battlefront, BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT, NO MANS SKY, HALO 5, MORTAL KOMBAT X, PERSONA 5,TOMB RAIDER, AND EVEN POSSIBLE JUST CAUSE 3....AND THIS IS JUST 2015! There is so much build up and energy of innovation in the gaming community going on right now.

It will pain me to see nintendo release something like what this zelda on this dieing console and I cant seem them release it on wiiu...I just cant. Only people who think this is alright are Nintendo gamers on n4g......

DC7771209d ago

Well when you look at the fact that we knew about most of the current Wii U games well before their release (sometimes years) then it certainly makes you wonder.

There is no "Yoshi" or "Smash" or "MK" we know have been in development for 2016 for example. We know about a good 70% of games 1-2 years before release.

So where are all those games we know are in development for 2016 for Wii U?? The ones we were usually shown as their development progressed? Right now the last of the games we knew were coming to Wii U are all going to be out this year. Then what? Only Zelda will be left.

That is certainly looking like a swan song or a multi-port "Twilight Princess" the more you think about it.

I love Wii U and it has some great games but they can't be happy with the tiny bump they got from their top 2 system sellers last year. It certainly looks like they are starting to make some major moves towards the end.

Gamer19821210d ago

Damn has Nintendo now got a top exclusive even out in 2015?? If not it will be the end I feel for the console.. They already had Mario Kart and Smash last year. Xenoblade chronicles may be out this year but that won't sell consoles outside of Japan where it might sell some.

blastcorp641209d ago

Splatoon comes out in May. It's a bit of a wild card but, who knows, could turn out to be a hit for Nintendo.

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pcz1209d ago

nintendo are determined to destroy the wiiu.

its obvious the game will end up as a launch title for the NX. i mean, nintendo are having trouble making enough games for the wiiu, and have said they will reveal the NX at E3, so they must be making games for the new console.

what a mess. the only way nintendo can get people to buy NX is by putting the new zelda on it. i imagine they will do a sony and just release a load of remasters to fill up the release schedule.

3-4-51209d ago

* So they discovered some new stuff they want to add into the game which will take time and in the process they discovered even more stuff on top of the other things they initially found.

* Because of that there just isn't enough time to get it in the game and to Nintendo Standards of quality = Working 100% all the time.

* I'm all for this, only because 2015 has enough really good games to hold me over until this game.

* This means FOR SURE more things added into the game which SHOULD make for a much more enjoyable experience aside from whatever it was going to be anyways.

* I'm thinking something along the lines of it being enough content for a whole new game:

* So it could be a Game + Sequel released at once or it could be one super huge mega 3 disc game that is the most epic of all time

* or it could just be taking what they wanted to do or thought they could do and increasing it a lot.

* I'm thinking they figured out how to get more out of the Wii U than they thought possible so now they have many more options to work with.

* Imagine if they had a Guitar + Drums + Bass, but now they figured out how to incorporate 4 synths, a second guitar and a rhythm section.

They have more to work with it sounds like.

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jcnba281210d ago

Zelda and Uncharted 4 were my two biggest games of the year and now they're both delayed. I guess we just need to be more patient but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

"A delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever." - Miyamoto

higgins781210d ago

As much as the delay pains me, I agree - regarding Miyamoto and "a bad game is bad forever". Nintendo have proven again and again, good things come to those who wait...

mushroomwig1209d ago

"A delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever." - Miyamoto

Duke Nukem Forever was a masterpiece then.

garrettbobbyferguson1209d ago

That game wasn't delayed. It was in development hell. It switched from developer to developer.

randomass1711209d ago

What garrettbobbyferguson said. There is a pretty big difference between taking more time to develop a game and being in development hell.

ValKilmer1210d ago

Wow, this is a huge delay.

What does Wii U have in 2015 now?

MusashiBlack1210d ago

Hopefully Star Fox............

animegamingnerd1210d ago

Star Fox, Xenoblade, Splatoon, Yoshi and Mario Maker.

danny8181210d ago

wait a new xenoblade? or the one they announced like 2 years ago?

animegamingnerd1210d ago

@danny818 yeah in fact its set to come out in Japan next month

LOL_WUT1210d ago

Mario Maker is an eShop title I don't think those really count. Also you forgot Devils Third ;)

jcnba281210d ago

- Yoshi's Wholly World
- Mario Maker
- Splatoon
- Devil's Third
- Xenoblade Chronicles X
- StarFox
- Possible E3 announcements

ValKilmer1210d ago

Is Star Fox going to sell consoles?

Genuine question.

_-EDMIX-_1210d ago

Sorry...haven't even seen enough of Star Fox to even give a legit 2015 date, thats like saying KH3 is coming in 2015....the deep, deep lolz.


Benjaminkno1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

So now it's "What does Nintendo have coming out in 2015 that will sell consoles"?

Don't be a douche.

Xenoblade will sell consoles.

ValKilmer1210d ago


Oh give me a break, I like the Wii U and love Xenoblade Chronicles X, but that game is NOT going to sell consoles.

It's a niche title through and through.

Gamer19821210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Xenoblade will NOT sell consoles outside of Japan its Bayonetta all over again for Nintendo i'm afraid it will probably be an amzing game but its not a huge franchise unfortunately. Xenoblade chronicles didn't even sell 1 million worldwide on the wii ( ).. That console everybody and their nan owns..

wonderfulmonkeyman1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

@ val & gamer
You're both delusional if you seriously think that Xenoblade X is a niche title just because the first release of the origional was less well known, especially given how much more actual emphasis and coverage it's getting from both gaming media AND Nintendo themselves.
Hell, we've even got one of the makers of FFXV praising it and saying he'll get a Wii U for it, and news sites and youtube channels everywhere have been drawing comparisons between them and praising Xenoblade X as one of the top exclusives to watch out for this year.
This is beyond Bayonetta 2's coverage or rep.
Whether it sells millions right off the bat or not, it's no longer just some minor niche title.
It's quite literally one of the most highly anticipated JRPG's of 2015, well known by all and decidedly core-oriented. A potential heavy hitter through and through that will likely be remembered fondly, and played, for years to come.

Jyndal1209d ago

I'd never heard of Xenoblade until a few months back, and it's got me excited to play it. On Zelda, I'm actually glad the delay is taking place. I was afraid they were rushing it out the door.

remixx1161209d ago


OK I own a Wii u and I will be getting xenoblade x but let's be honest your full of crap, (sorry no disrespect). Its a jrpg dude=a niche title. If your name isn't final fantasy, persona or tales then your not gonna move mass units. It might be getting more attention but its on a system with a 10milli install base. Not to mention FFXV and persona 5 are far more anticipated.

Plus this is not PlayStation, I'm not trying to start a war but divergent games do not sell on Nintendo systems, Nintendo games do. If its not zelda , Mario kart, smash bros, super mario or maybe starfox and metroid then its not gonna push numbers bro.

The game will be good without a doubt but it would be lucky to break a mill let alone move a bunch of systems.

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gangsta_red1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Star Fox has to come out now!

By the way, the summary needs to be changed:

"Bad news today as Zelda for Wii U has been Delayed to 2015."

Shouldn't it say 2016?

And I think Star Fox will move a few consoles, it won't be gangbusters but if the quality is there like Mario Kart and Smash it should do well.

gamerdad3161210d ago

starfox seems to me the weakest of the list. i think what will move consoles is the group as a whole.

higgins781210d ago

It has (barring Zelda U) everything announced for 2015 plus numerous games which will creep up on us and (hopefully) be a massive pleasant surprise....much like both other 'rival' consoles, no? Besides, exactly how much free time do people these days appear to have on their hands!? A game like Mario Kart 8 (for example) just keeps on giving. I'm still enjoying it just as much over 6 months down the line. I know the industry likes to convince us each new release is a 'must have', but for the majority of cases that proves not to be the case.

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bleedsoe9mm1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

just sad , uncharted , zelda what's next halo . a delay won't hurt the games its just disappointing . i wonder if this gets held for a nx launch next christmas .

Jackhass1210d ago

Well, you had to know it was coming -- a console Zelda without at least one major delay? Come on now.