Bloodborne - Item Duplication Glitch Endless Blood Echoes in Minutes

This glitch lets you duplicated any stackable item in your inventory. its also a great way to level up your character by duplication blood echoes as much as you want. you can even duplicate blood stone shards,twin blood stone shards,blood stone chunks, and blood rocks!

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Jackhass1092d ago

How do people always find these glitches so fast?

Kingthrash3601092d ago

When desperate rookies need to cheat their way through....They can accomplish anything.

Lord_Sloth1092d ago

Actually rookies often don't find these things since the noobs and casuals only play the game and nothing further. These are discovered by people doing random things in the attempt to break the game itself.

Don't be so elitist.

thorstein1092d ago

I would expect that it was discovered through:

A) Experimentation wherein someone wanted to see if you could share items across saves. Something that is done in many current gem games.

B) Dev kit. Used to explore code and determine exploits.

The_Devil_Hunter1092d ago

I dont know but this definitely kills the entire purpose of playing this game. I rather play the game its suppose to be played and get my ass killed.

joab7771092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Something you do on another playthrough. Not for me. But with all these ppl complaining about the lack of estus, I can see many ppl duplicating echoes. Personally I like this wayy better. I always have 75+ vials, and I'd much rather have 20 than 5-7. Just me though.

SuperRaccoon1092d ago

My guess is these people have knowledge on game development, so they have a pretty decent idea of what happens behind the scenes and can figure out ways to exploit the system. That's how some people break games to achieve crazy speed run times, they know how doing certain actions affect the game.

Either that or luck, just luck.

Veneno1092d ago

Every game without exception releases with some bugs and glitches. Breaking games is the job of the QA testers so that the glitches don't make it into the final product. If there's game breaking bugs in a game there's only two people to blame: the testers for not doing their job or the developers that don't fix the bugs.

rainslacker1091d ago


Despite the testers at a dev, and the devs themselves, probably knowing about thousands of bugs which the end user is never likely to ever find, and the fact that a good QA team can find stuff that you may not even be able to imagine, the fact remains that QA teams are not as large as millions of players. More often than not, these bugs are found by accident by end users, while a QA tester will actively try everything to break the game.

What it comes down to is that there just isn't enough time, or resources to find every possible bug in a game, nor is there enough time or money to fix every bug found or otherwise in a game. If that happened, no AAA game would ever be released.

When it comes to game breaking bugs(which this isn't, it's an exploit that doesn't break the game), then if they're found, yes the dev is at fault. not the QA team unless they actively don't report it. But the publisher can also be at fault, because more often than not, the publisher is the one pushing for the game to get out the door so it can get to market.

After seeing how this glitch is performed, I can say that it was probably found, because this seems like something a game tester would try. They spend a lot of time trying to do stuff like this, either by design, or just randomly screwing around.

Dir_en_grey1092d ago

I think demon souls had something similar but was patched out.
Memory cache not properly erased when soft resetting within game, or something like that.

Summons751092d ago

I don't know which one you are talking about but the one I learned is still very much active (the nexial binding glitch)

Spenok1091d ago

The first Dark Souls had something with the dragon head as well, it was freaking weird, and hard to accomplish, but it worked. It was soon patched out though.

bf0007779661092d ago

perhaps this guy is a qa and it is one of the bugs he found that he didnt submit to the developers

rainslacker1091d ago

These kinds of bugs are found by the end user all the time. Item duplication bugs are actually rather common. I'd wager that it was found by QA, but probably not rated high enough to be fixed in crunch time. Things like this are submitted. Within a QA team, there is a sort of competition on who can find the most bugs, both in number and severity. They also have to duplicate the bug, which they may not have been able to do, so the dev never fixed it.

QA testers make pretty decent money during the crunch time...despite not having a life for several weeks, and I doubt one is going to not report a bug like this just to be able to report it to the internet later. I've QA'd three games in my career, and I can say I never want to play those games again, despite being really good at them. I'd imagine on a game like this, the QA testers will feel much the same. They likely played this game 60 hours a week for several months. You just get burned out on it.

Insomnia_841092d ago

If you die and go to the Hunters Dream and then go back to where you got killed, will your blood echos still be there??

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WillGuitarGuy1092d ago

Hmm... reminds me of the bottomless box glitch in Dark Souls. I personally wouldn't do this but I can see how others would to get to a certain level for PvP builds.

dcj05241092d ago

I might do this on a throw away character for fun. Make him sewpa oppppppppp

Spenok1091d ago

Yeah doing this on your first or main run just ruins the experience.

rainslacker1091d ago

There was an Xbox fan boy complaining the game needed an easy mode in another thread because he doesn't care to learn how to play well. I agree with his frustration since I'm a bit of a button masher, but still try to learn to play the way the dev wants it to be played. Anyhow, I guess he could use this glitch to have his easy mode.

huckle1092d ago

Nooo, don't do it! Just play the game..

nix1092d ago

"get to the cleric beast"

ha.. as if that was easy.

NikeJustDoesit1092d ago

Getting to it was easy once got the Hunter's armor, imo.

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