The DualShock 4's Battery Life Can and Will Kill You in Bloodborne if You're Not Careful

Bloodborne is a deadly and unforgiving game. It's full of horrible critters that will mercilessly kill you as soon as you get even slightly distracted, but there's one, more subtle enemy that might cause your untimely demise, and that's the battery of the DualShock 4.

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drifter861185d ago

This already happened to me. I was so into the game when I got the notice that battery was low. It got intense I completely forgot to plug in the charger and got killed. This was early in game and lost over 18000 echos which at my early stages was for more than a few levels. I was so sad haha.

blitz06231185d ago

Never played a single game for over 6 hours straight and this is no exception so this never happens to me. I've gotten it down to one bar tho. That's when I tell myself to stop

xer01185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Bloodborne is tough, but the sense of achievement when you've cleared a level is so damn rewarding! It's crazy how time flies, when you're having fun :)

I've been playing from 8AM to 10PM today, and I've had to swap controllers twice. That's acceptable to me.

But I can see it being annoying for people who play 10hrs or more a day, and don't move out of their seat for the duration.

6 hours on a single charge is more than enough for the majority of gamers.

ps4gamer19831185d ago

My ds4 feels like it needs a new charge every 2 hours. I even keep light dim. I WISH I could get even 6 hours like u said.

thekhurg1185d ago

It's From Software/Sony Japan's fault for not giving this game a f***ing pause option.

Holy crap this is 2015...

GiggMan1185d ago

Honestly people would have raged and called them soft for putting in a pause option lol.

Part of the souls charm is walking into a new area and encountering a bad ass and not being able to prepare.

gamer78041185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

If you have young children that basically locks you out from playing a game with no pause

Kribwalker1185d ago


Agreed 100%. I have a 10 month old and I can't play destiny when she is awake. If I'm in a boss battle or whatever I'm toast.

rainslacker1185d ago

Doesn't the PS4 automatically go to the homepage when the DS4 battery dies? That's like an auto pause, since the game doesn't continue running when you do that.

blitz06231185d ago

lawl you must be one of those who want to pause during a boss fight so you can google how to beat it

averagejoe261185d ago

Ummm... Just hit that little PlayStation button in the middle of your controller. Brings you back to the home screen and pauses your game.

How do you not know that?

Do you even really have a ps4?

Also, complaining about a game that has never had a pause button because they choose to make it more challenging is really lame. Please, stay away from the good games. You clearly don't understand them (or your ps4 for that matter).

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Muzikguy1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

This could be said for any game. I'm glad I bought a second controller!

Edit @thekhurg
How do you pause an always online game? Yes I understand there's an "offline mode". I just backtrack to a safe spot if I need to do anything

aragon1185d ago

Lol how'd this get approved???? The ds3 and 360 controllers battery life could kill u in dark souls too... No? If a person is that hardcore they should know to have cable nearby? Geez gaming journalists these days.

Erik73571185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

At least you can retrieve it back if you can kill what ever has your echos...I am guessing that failed? :|

evenstar1184d ago

Do you not have a second controller?

strickers1184d ago

That was your fail then

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bloodybutcher1185d ago

Thaaaat's why you use usb cable when battery indicator shows it needs charging?...

xHeavYx1185d ago

Yeah, some people don't seem to have the common sense...

Farsendor11185d ago

I make sure my controllers stay charged but we do have a toddler and if I decided to play using USB cable I could see him tripping over it.

That will either hurt him or pull the ps4 down or cable out of ps4.

TheTwelve1185d ago

For whatever reason, I didn't get indicated last night and almost messed myself completely up.

bloodybutcher1185d ago

Or you did and didn't register xD happened to me more than once

KwietStorm1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Sometimes if you're into a game and you don't plug it in immediately when it says to, you can forget. It happens. Has nothing to do with common sense.

evenstar1184d ago

So, you can buy a battery pack... it doubles the life of of your DS4... we have one.. played Driveclub for 10-12 hours with the battery pack.. it cost 15 bucks here... well worth it.. and no tripping of toddlers

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Shineon1185d ago

Nothing says next gen like having your controller plugged in while your gaming. Sony are we in 2002?

Spotie1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I'm not sure. Are we still using AA batteries in our controllers?

Edit: Yes, because having your controller completely dead while you switch batteries is preferable to plugging your controller up to ANY compatible plug- I use the one for my cellphone or Bluetooth- for a while. /s

andibandit1185d ago

at least you could change those and stay wireless

Immorals1185d ago

I can change battery pack, or I could plug it in, choices are better. As it happens, I can swap batteries faster than getting up and plugging it in, and I'm not left with a potentially hazardous wire trailing across the room!

Look at the backlash Samsung got for taking away the removable battery.

Shineon1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

What you mean completely dead we can charge our controllers too,what you didn't know we had a play and charge kit with a battery that actually let's you play wireless?!Well how about that we have a choice and you just simply don't.That inferior controller battery will get older and even worse overtime and there's nothing you can do about it.Me on the other hand I can replace my rechargeable or AA batteries because I have choice

maniacmayhem1184d ago

Changing batteries is somehow a nuisance now? How is one more preferable than the other?

Your defense is getting worse and worse Hicken.

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ion6661185d ago

I got three controllers charged at all times. I came prepared with a box of cleanex,.....get it ? no...I'll stop.

kratoz12091185d ago

Seriously you half like 10-15 minutes to find a safe place and swap controllers

Genova841185d ago

This is great for those who have 2 controllers. I assume most do, but some may not. The life of the ds4 is pretty awful. The usb cord is pretty short too so it's not like o can play with it plugged in ... still a lame article though.

strickers1184d ago

Buy a longer cable. Go to a little online store called Amazon, buy a long cable, plug it in. I have 4 pads and 2 charge stations. Never an issue for me.....

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