How a single killer app could sell me on Nintendo's mobile movement

Zak from Save/Continue says,
"The gaming congregation went into a veritable tizzy with Nintendo’s recent announcement of finally venturing into the world of mobile gaming. Some fans were completely in favor while others jeered and scowled, as I sat by not really caring either way. There are definite pros and cons to both sides, and I was content to sit and wait for more information. For the most part this is still true, but Nintendo need only give me one game to get me backing them on this venture 100%.

Pokémon Snap."

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Jackhass1179d ago

I does seem like a no-brainer, but I dunno -- seems like Nintendo is intent on never reviving this game.

Zotaku871179d ago

Yeah, I fully accept that my ongoing campaign is likely a fruitless endeavor. Still, a man can dream. :)

themonado1179d ago

Since they already said they'd only be creating new games for mobile devices, there won't be a port of Pokemon Snap.

TripC501179d ago

Seriously, they could just re-release any of their killer games and it would sell like hotcakes.

I'd re-buy the original pokemon games for my phone.

Agent_00_Revan1179d ago

Anyone remember the Google Maps thing they did last year for April 1st? Where you find pokemon throughout the world on google maps. It was cool and fun.

But there was a trailer that went with it that was fake obviously for april fools day. But it showed you using your phone and camera to catch pokemon in an AR like Pokemon catching game. This is my greatest wish with the Nintendo Mobile deal.

Found the trailer link

AppUnwrapper1178d ago

Based on the freemium Pokemon game they released for 3DS, I'm not too hopeful about their mobile ambitions. :(