Bloodborne Glitch: Easily Farm Tons of Blood Echoes and Twin Blood Stone Shards Very Quickly

Bloodborne is a brutal game, which means it also isn't for everyone. Yet, while leveling up more than what you're supposed to isn't a full replacement for skill, patience and determination, it can help some play a bit more smoothly.

If you prefer getting a bit more buffer before braving the most challenging parts of the game, there's a glitch you can use in order to easily farm a ton of Blood Echoes very quickly, on top of those precious twin blood stones that let you upgrade your weapons from +4 to +6.

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KwietStorm1206d ago

Nope not gonna do it. Kills the whole point of playing.

blitz06231206d ago

Idk, I only need 4 more twins to get my cane at +6 so if this makes me get those a bit easier then I won't mind doing it. As for 7k souls in 7 minutes, not really that great. Assuming you've taken care of the hunter at old yharnam, that place gives me nearly 12k per run and it takes around 10-15 minutes

subtenko1206d ago

7,000 blood echos in 7min? Thats pathetic.... I can get way more than that without a 'glitch'

Patrick_pk441205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

This, however, the guy in the video exploits the monsters. I've done this in around 5mins for 20-30k souls without baiting the monster to my advantage. It is much quicker to just dodge and attack them.

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SpinalRemains1381206d ago

Grinding defeats the whole point of playing an RPG?

You must lose every single PVP encounter from your ivory tower, and that is not the point of the game.

The point of the game is to make your guy as powerful as you like.

Testfire1206d ago

RPGs and farming go hand in hand. These kids don't know what they're whining about. But then again, these are the types of arguments you get when hardcore RPGs start to go mainstream.

KwietStorm1206d ago

The title says glitch. So, I'm referring to said "glitch." Had I known it was a simple farm, I wouldn't have said so. Have a nice day.

Christopher1206d ago

Looks to be by design, IMHO.

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kratoz12091206d ago

Reading this at work....
Argh 3 more hours left then I can finally play Bloodbourne...

Hopefully the patch doesn't take to long to download.

Dir_en_grey1206d ago

Using the environment to your advantage is not a glitch, I bet it's by design. The game actually have many areas to help those who are not the best at action games.
All the older games have points for you to level up and gather different items so you can prepare for your next harder battle.

Gigglefist1206d ago

Just go to Cainhurst Castle. The primary enemy there is a joke. I two shot them. They barely attack back, and they drop 500+ souls. There are a HUGE amount of them. MUCH better way to get echoes. On a side note, I don't think the guy who made this knows what a "glitch" is.

Kal-V31206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Gotta try that when i get there. Just to make up for the souls i lost. Nothing more. Won't take advantage. ;P

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