Lionhead Studios makes publicity blunder on Cleavage Day

Lionhead studios, maker of the Fable series, has made an epic publicity blunder.

In an attempt to capitalize on trending hashtags, someone with access to Lionheads twitter account thought it would be a good idea to chim in on the ludicrously sexist ‘cleavage day’ with a tweet of an archived photo of the ‘Foaming Jugs’, which is the name of a tavern from the original Fable.

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Yi-Long880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

... What exactly was the problem with the image/tweet, and why did they pull it!?

What exactly is so upsetting about foaming jugs!?

-Foxtrot880d ago

See this is the fear people like Anita has wiggled into this industry

Anthotis880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

I wonder how those idiots can support #freethenipple but oppose cleavage day?

The mental gymnastics that go on in leftoids heads must make for one hell of a show.

SilentNegotiator879d ago

Women exposing their bodies on instagram? A freeing experience that's super important to women's rights.

Men enjoying pictures of women's cleavage from an event started by women? SEXIST.

ShinMaster879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Wtf does "diversity and inclusion" have to do with a picture of fake cleavage, Lionhead?

Also, women were the ones pushing #NationalCleavageDay. It was women who took the photos and posted them.
And yet feminists are saying it's "sexist and exploitative".
This is laughable.

BG11579879d ago

They should have responded by putting a man in the same situation, and not removing the image... None would have said anything if it was a man.
Feminazi are like this. At the beginning they say they want to be treated as equal with man, but end up wanting to be treated differently.
What a warped sense of of equality!

Griever879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I think the word sexist has been thrown around so much that it has lost its actual meaning. People do not even know what sexist means. Depicting an attractive or sexy woman is not sexist. Sexism or being a sexist means to discriminate or be prejudiced based on the sex of an individual. This applies to both men and women. For example, claiming that women are stupid is a sexist comment just like saying men are jerks. Similarly, excluding a certain gender from a job or activity just on the basis of gender is sexist. For example, not hiring women for high ranking jobs. Depicting hot women and men admiring their beauty is NOT sexist.

turdburgler1080879d ago

I really wish there was a bar called foaming jugs.

Gwiz879d ago

I totally agree,the censorship is seeping trough the cracks of the web.

DragonKnight879d ago

There is nothing more offensive to a feminist than the female body.

I take issue with this article claiming that this was A) A PR blunder when it wasn't a blunder at all and B) "ludicrously sexist ‘cleavage day'"

WTF do these people have against women and their bodies? "It's men using it." Right, because men forced women to post these pictures up in support of the day and because a man made this picture, obviously he only cares about women's bodies and not their minds. Ok, so then show me a physical representation of a woman's ability to formulate an intelligent idea in her mind and make it into a compelling PR campaign.

I have not seen such shaming of the female form since Puritanical Religious Zealots and these people claim it's for the BENEFIT of women? How does it benefit the women who are actually proud of their bodies and willingly chose, of their own accord, to post pictures of themselves. Why do so many people hate boobs these days?

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the_Nard880d ago

The foaming jugs were not really the problem, it was more that they tried use it in conjunction with 'cleavage day', which is an overtly sexist marketing ploy in and of itself, in order to gain publicity.

It's just poor form...

Yi-Long880d ago

But.... That's the joke!

What's wrong with that joke!? Are 'we' seriously SO oversensitive these days!?

SpiralTear879d ago

You do realize that "National Cleavage Day" is supported and endorsed by female representatives of Wonderbra? Wonderbra was designed to give comfort and mobility to women so they could be more active, including in the workplace. The day was also used to support communities in African nations via various charity events.

Also, I think telling women what they can or can't do with their bodies is a little controlling and domineering.

Perhaps, even...


spartanlemur879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I think the point is that it's mocking those fools who get offended by everything that moves. Those people need to be brought down to Earth.

Lionhead are cowards to back down in the fa e of stupidity. Shameful, utter cowards.

Dee_91879d ago

What part of this day is prejudice or discriminatory?
I have an overwhelming feeling this guy isn't going to respond..

Rooted_Dust879d ago

The problem with over using the term sexist is that sooner or later it becomes no big deal.

Sexist could apply to anything that is targeted at only one gender.

The only people practicing poor form are the ones exposing us to their toxic lack of humor.

HighResHero879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

@Nord: You forgot to add "in my opinion".

ShinMaster879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

You could use other words to describe it, but "sexist" is not one of them.
There's no discrimination going on here.

Women were the ones pushing #NationalCleavageDay. It was women who took the photos and posted them. No one forced them.
And yet feminists are saying it's "sexist and exploitative".

Yeah #FreeTheNipple, but don't show cleavage... that makes sense.

Yahdaree879d ago


Your opinion offends ME...

DragonKnight879d ago

Are you telling the women who posted pictures of their own cleavage in support of Cleavage Day, that they are overly sexist?

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the_Nard880d ago

If it was 'National Expose Your Male Genitals Day' and Lionhead had a big picture of a dong from Fable 2 would you still be laughing?

The term that defines this problem is called a double standard...

Yi-Long880d ago

Despite the fact that clothed breasts and a pun/wordplay on 'jugs' do not equal a naked 'dong'...

... I certainly wouldn't mind the joke, or be upset about it. What's there to be upset about?

If it was 'NEYMGD', I would simply expect to see naked male genitalia. Not a big deal, tbh.

shloobmm3880d ago

I wouldn't care either way. People who do care about such trivial matters are why we as a species are on a ridiculous downward spiral.

SaveFerris879d ago

You mean there actually isn't a 'National Expose Your Male Genitals Day'?

To quote Admiral Orlock "This is an outrage!"

spartanlemur879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

That would be quite funny. Why don't feminists do that rather than ruining everyone else's light-hearted fun?

Dee_91879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

I'm not laughing at the picture posted in reality.. Do you think this day is for mocking women ? If fruit of the looms decided to make a penis day I wouldn't give two craps, just like I don't give two craps about this.. Funny in some SJW circles me not caring about national cleavage day would make me a sexist.
Sad you wasted 2 of your 3 bubbles to make asinine comments.

fashionst879d ago

Pretty tough words from a guy whose handle is literally slang for male testicles.

You're a clown. Get out of here, you slop.

Spotie879d ago

Dude, you failed. No clicks from me. Try not to be so sensitive next time.

rextraordinaire879d ago

I would. I love wangs just as much as I like boobs, in all honesty.

Qrphe879d ago

It'd be a double standard if we had dong day and not vagina day.

ShinMaster879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

So you people can't tell the difference between genitalia and breasts now?
Stop treating breasts as pornographic or indecent.

Your view on double standards is skewed, just like other feminists. And even if Lionhead showed a picture of a dong from Fable, men still would not overreact. People in general would not overreact, because it's only women whom we have to treat like babies who can't make decisions on their own and are easily manipulated into "exploiting" themselves, apparently.

Yahdaree879d ago


You're just the worst type of person and a big part of what's wrong with todays society.

DragonKnight879d ago

Nard, you obviously don't understand how little men care, and how much they'd support any kind of lascivious or lewd campaign even if it were Schlong Day. The men that wouldn't like it would be more likely to ignore it than to whine about it.