How to Get to Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne

A giant castle frozen in ice, Cainhurst Castle is quite the beautiful site to behold in Bloodborne. Although an optional location, Cainhurst is a large environment with a king boss that can net you plenty of Blood Echoes and even a crown. Here's how to get there.

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WizzroSupreme1210d ago

Bloodborne is the scariest darn RPG I've ever laid eyes upon. I want it.

Masterchief_thegoat1210d ago

get it. trust me ,I never felt proud of myself beating few enemy & two bosses like bloodborne... now I'am in Cainhurst Castle

Jughead34161210d ago

Bloodborne has the most disturbing game world I've ever seen. The environment, the monsters, the sounds. Man it's creepy. Sometimes you almost don't have the nerve to enter certain areas.

SpinalRemains1381210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Play with headphones on in the dark.

Its so badass. Faint screaming and moaning that you don't hear too well through tv, but with headphones on the audio becomes so alive and frightening.

I've been doing it at night so as not to wake up the woman and its actually preferable to play that way. DS4 having a 1/8" input right there is sweet as hell too. That doesn't get mentioned enough. A nice pair of cans and your gaming becomes much more engrossing.

ChipChipperson1210d ago

Tips for the boss at Cainhurst and joining the Vileblood covenant, try to master the gun parrying move to open him up to visceral attacks. Trust me, you'll save your resources and get some really good/awesome looking equipment after the battle.

Spoilers Spoilers just in case, this is only if you want to get certain items like clothing sets(Gold Ardeo, headgear that goes with the Executioner's set), weapons(Logarius' Wheel and Chikage) and caryll runes(Corruption and Radiance) on your first playthrough: After you beat the boss, equip the crown he leaves behind to reveal a false wall behind him to make contact with the Vileblood queen. Accept to join her, fight and kill either a corrupted Hunter NPC(you'll encounter a few more of them later on) or online player hunter with the new Oath Memory Caryll Rune equipped that you received from her, you'll get a special item(blood dreg) from her that you use to offer to her to receive a new gesture. Explore her throne room, if you're facing her, look to the right of her throne to see a letter called Cainhurst Summons on a desk. Give this to Alfred, back at the Cathedral Ward just before the Forbidden Woods. He will give you new items and open up new equipment. Go back to the Vileblood Queen's Chamber, watch the events that unfold, inspect the Vileblood Queen's body to receive a new item(this item is offered to a special "thing" in the Upper Cathedral Ward after beating the boss of that area). Go back to the Cathedral Ward, and find Alfred back at the ORIGINAL location you first met him at, not the location that was just before the Forbidden Woods. You will receive a new Caryll Rune, which is pretty useful.

Knuckle Duster1210d ago

This game is so freak' n cool! Loving it!