Witcher 3 Will Have Official Mod Toolkit Confirms CEO

CD Projekt RED's CEO confirmed that an official mod toolkit will be released for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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crazychris4124970d ago

Free DLC and mod support, game just keeps getting better and better

starchild970d ago

This is very nice indeed. The mods will be awesome. But this was already reported as far back as the Game Informer Witcher 3 issue, I thought. Maybe before. any case, it's nice to have confirmation that this is still the plan.

joab777970d ago

This was a must to help propel it into Skyrim-sphere. Now I don't know what to buy it on. I prefer playing on my TV and PS4 but the mod support is a huge sway.

Pandamobile970d ago

You know you can play PC games on a TV right?

Khajiit86970d ago

The wait is getting harder and harder.

Built my first rig mainly with this game in mind, now I am even more excited.

NuggetsOfGod970d ago

Yes we need graphics mods lol


Witcher 3 ice mod.

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GreetingsfromCanada970d ago

In other news that should surprise no one...