Guide: The 5 Bloodborne Tips I Wish I’d Known Earlier

DC - "Everyone’s a beginner at first right? Evidently From Software disagree, and particularly if you’re not familiar with their previous Dark Souls games then Bloodborne has a bit of a learning curve. If you’ve found yourself stuck only half an hour into the game that's cool - I did too. Here are the five things I wish I’d known, and these beginner tips should help counterbalance a few of the game’s challenging design choices."

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Jackhass1030d ago

Thanks -- I definitely need some tips!

ninsigma1030d ago

Definitely gonna be using these. Those damn werewolves!! I was playing like a beast. I killed everything! Even that huge armour dude and hadn't died. Then the werewolves got me. My performance has drastically dropped since then lol
So yeah thanks for those tips, they're gonna help!!
Despite all that though this game is awesome. Can't wait to explore everywhere!! :D

DemonSlayer4201030d ago

You think the werewolves are tough? Just gets much much much harder. And that's coming from a guy who NG+++++ both Demon's and Dark Souls. This game feels much harder due to the sheer size of some enemies and the lack of a shield. The game is hard but extremely addicting. The key is to grind and level up whenever possible. Don't gamble large amounts of blood echoes when you can use them to level up. Also make sure to always upgrade your weapons.

ninsigma1030d ago

Oh I know they aren't the end of it lol
just in contrast to all the other enemies which I found easy enough, they were a hell of a lot harder.
I haven't had the chance to level up yet. Gonna get that item out of the sewers next time I play along with the armour that's down there. Then gonna grind for a bit before the boss.

kratoz12091030d ago

Argh 😞 I wanna leave work already and play it..
Spent last night downloading the update :/

Letthewookiewin1030d ago

Seriously it's been a while since a game had me thinking about it while I was at work or somewhere else. Bloodborne is it. Thinking about strategies and what I'm going to upgrade next. Pretty incredible for me.

Omar911030d ago

I know this article is for those whk are in the beginning but I cant seem to get the co op to work. I wanted to go to my friends word and used the small bell while he was using the bigger one. We made a password and were even in the same location.not sure what the problem

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1030d ago

Nice to know for when I pick up my copy soon.