Please Stop Remastering Video Games

They may be harming our industry more than helping it.

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uth111063d ago

please stop writing this article every single day!

xHeavYx1063d ago

People like the person who wrote this article seem to forget that you are not forced to buy remastered games. And no, remastered games are not hurting the industry.

LordMaim1062d ago

Exactly. How about "Please stop telling me what I want".

Conzul1062d ago

That, or...

Please stop letting whiney gamers complaints against B/C extra cost stop you from including it in your consoles, or you will have Remasters for generation after generation.

3-4-51063d ago

Add to the list of Hack , can't trust, unethical Journalists.

abradley1063d ago

I agree that newer games probably shouldn't get as many remasters as they do, but porting a game from one system to another is perfectly fine with me.

The Last Of Us is a perfect example, I had a PS3 and never played the original. It came out on PS4 and I bought it and enjoyed it very much. I paid full price for an older game with updated visuals on a newer more powerful system. I don't see a problem with porting a game from one system to another. The vita is an excellent platform because of ports, specially Japanese ports of games we never got on the psp.

rainslacker1062d ago

I see things like TLOU as more of a port. Sure it got updated in the graphics, and it got the GOTY release treatment, but cross-gen ports are not uncommon at all.

Remasters I see more like Halo:MCC or the Sly collection. Several old games fully updated to take advantage of current hardware.

gangsta_red1063d ago

Lets remaster games that count. Older games from more than a gen ago, like from the era of the PS1/2, Xbox, Gamecube games.

If we are going to get Final Fantasy games then lets get multiple games in one package with all DLC (if any), extra content and anything else that would be worth a re-visit.

I want to see more collections if these publishers are going to start milking this latest fad. Mass Effect Trilogy, Gears of War Trilogy (with Judgement...why not), ALL the God of War games not just part 3.

And how about some remakes instead of re-masters. Would love to see old games remade and re-imagined like Blood Omen, Actraiser, Bloody Roar, Lufia and many more for the new gen.

Lucreto1063d ago

It all boils down to if there was no demand for remasters they would not make them. People need to get it into their heads that people want these remasters and they are supplying the demand.

Travis37081063d ago

I disagree, Remasters don't hurt anything it's more games!!

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The story is too old to be commented.