Surprise Doom Is Still An Incredible Game

Kotaku:"I have a confession to make: my introduction to shooters began with Halo and Half-Life 2, and because of this, I only recently tried my hand at Doom, id Software's 1993 shooter. Because Doom was so old, I figured it had nothing to teach me."

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-Foxtrot1087d ago

Honestly with the things DOOM has done like secret rooms for a health bonus which aren't straight forward, letting your see a room full of enemies without letting them see you so you can plan it out and the fact the difficulty adds new spawns and little surprises in the game the higher it's turned up I don't see why no one has created a FPS game like it to stand out from the rest.

Hopefully the new DOOM is manage to recapture that and make the FPS genre feel fresh again

uth111087d ago

Doom was the game that finally convinced me I needed to get a PC! I liked Heretic even more.

JJShredder1087d ago

If you haven't heard of it yet, go look up the Brutal Doom Mod.

What an incredible experience!