Is The PlayStation TV’s Price Drop Enough?

Thomas Ellis of Attack of the Fanboy wonders if the recent PlayStation TV's price cut is enough to make it an essential purchase.

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uth11934d ago

I have a family who competes over the living room TV. The ability to play PS4 on a second TV made it an essential purchase for me.

SmokingMonkey934d ago

I bought one at $60 from BB awhile back.

Very cool device for anyone with a Vita and/or PS4.

Also if you have PS+ and don't have a Vita (for some reason)
you could get more value out of your subscription.

spaceg0st934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

IM torn. I could very much use this for the same reason, however the existence of input/remote lag has turned me off. How is it? Am I able to play games like battlefield it is it too Noticeable?

Scatpants934d ago

I haven't noticed much lag but there is a little. I noticed it the most on pinball where perfect timing is very important. It got a lot better when I hooked it to a powerline ethernet bridge.

orakle44934d ago

Yea there is lag, its minor, but its noticeable. I mostly use my PSTV for single player games in my den, then play multiplayer/shooters like BF hardline on the PS4 directly in my living room.

drizzom934d ago

I think they just released an update that allows 60fps for remoteplay so if your internet is solid there should hopefully be next to no lag.

uth11934d ago

The lag really isn't too bad, they just added 60fps to remote play. So some of the previous lag might be because you were playing a native 60 game at 30fps.

You probably want to use wired internet though.

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death_gun934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

is this guys srs? do u want sony to give it for free? will then be enough???

Spotie934d ago

It'll still be too much. Sony should pay you to own it. /s

Protagonist934d ago


Also my first thought, it´s getting ridiculous!

Pogmathoin934d ago

Moms walk into a store and have no idea what this does.... Sony dropped the ball in advertising this.... Reminds of people not knowing about XBMC media box's.... Great devices, unnoticed..... Many great things out there......

_-EDMIX-_934d ago

LMFAO! "enough"? How poor are some of you? $99 for such a media player that plays PS1, PSP, PSVita games etc is a great damn deal.

Though I don't own one, if I needed one....the price would be the least of my worries.

Its a fair price. The cut is good too...

TheVoid934d ago

The price isn't the issue here. It is that consumers simply don't know or want this device.

Even at a lower price the demographic for this device is low which has to do with Sony not marketing this or informing consumers about its benifts and it's media capabilitites are laughable at best. Those who do know and actively want this device is a niche group.

Calling this device a media player is weird as it's competition such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc blow it out the water in terms of media.

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captainexplosion934d ago

Does it have Netflix yet? And does it only stream at 720P? Can it do over 30FPS?

pwnsause_returns934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

it can remote play at 60fps

but no netflix and such :/

CiliCanadian934d ago

Currently, there is a glitch that allows remote play of Netflix (to PS TV). You need to suspend PS4 with Netflix active then use remote play to use it on the PS TV. This actually works very well.
And yes, you can now do 60FPS.
This just happen with last patch and is likely a bug which probably be removed (aka 'fixed') with next patch.

uth11934d ago

What is the deal with services like netflix? Is there a licensing fee for it that Sony doesn't want to pay? Maybe they should pay that instead of dropping the price?

Or maybe in a world were virtually every device is netflix-enabled, Sony knows people are just spouting their mouth off and it wouldn't really sell more units?

Bennibop934d ago

At £45 I have bought one, I imported a vita tv but sold it works like a charm though. Recommend it for all the fantastic vita games you get each with ps plus.

Agent_00_Revan934d ago

I've been wanting a second one for travel. I use one in my house all the time. Remote Play with the PSTV is fantastic.

This past weekend I finally was able to try it out over long distance internet instead of just another room in my house. Worked flawlessly.

All the people who are to butthurt to give this thing a shot, just because it doesnt have Netflix or some other lame reason, are the ones really missing out.

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