Has Nintendo NX just killed the Wii U in 2015?

After suggesting buying the Wii U in 2015, should we abandon all hope for the console in light of the Nintendo NX announcement? Yoshi and Kirby games have historically been a grave omen. They are Nintendo’s harbingers of demise for a console, to slowly take us fans by the hand and say “there is still hope”, but will only soften the blow for the end.

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Neonridr1062d ago

No. Besides, we won't see any news or information until sometime in 2016, which means the thing won't release until sometime in 2017 or 2018. Nobody really expected more than a 5-6 year shelf life for the Wii U anyways.

Number-Nine1061d ago

I think it's coming out next year

LOL_WUT1061d ago

I hope so I'm anxious to see what Nintendo has been working on ;)

deadpoolio3161061d ago

Yeah um NO..You'll see an announcement at E3 THIS YEAR...and the announcement of the NOV 2016 release date at E3 2016, along with the announcement of Zelda and possibly Starfox being launch titles....Zelda was pushed for a reason, and I bet that reason includes it being cancelled on the Wii U and development being moved to the new console..

themonado1061d ago

Are you still going on about that?

slate911061d ago

thats just being foolish now

bass4g1061d ago

They said we'd find out more about the nx NEXT year. If they were going to announce it this year they would have said that. Also zelda is still being called zelda for wiiu. If they started calling it "the next zelda" I'd think you had a point but as it stands not really. If they wanted to move zelda to the next console they'd slowly stop referring to it as zelda for wiiu. I've heard people saying that zeldabeing delayed proves that wiiu will have games next year. There seems to be a lot of confirmation bias with the zelda news. People who think that the nx is coming next year say that the zelda news proves it and people who think that the nx is coming out later say that zelda proves that. The zelda news means nothing about nintendo's harware, just that zelda will be delayed.

PS4isKing_821061d ago

This year? Nintendo already said they

"hope to share more information about NX next year"

What part about that says they'll announce it this year?

MurDocINC1061d ago

It's possible, similar thing happened with Zelda:Twilight Princess, a gamecube game that was pushed for Wii release.

Shnazzyone1061d ago

... You have zero knowledge of how business works?

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pcz1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

ironically, NX is bad news.

they announced it a year early. E3 this year should have been focused on the final big push for the wiiu. they should have made a playable demo for zelda wiiu, and they should have announced a few more major titles, such as metroid for wiiu.

NX is bad news because it sends a message to anyone who hasnt purchased a wiiu yet (a lot of people,) that its not worth buying a wiiu, and to hold out for the NX.

essentially, nintendo threw in the towel on the wiiu with the announcement of the NX.

also, i was going to purchase a wiiu for xenoblade x. for me, X is worth it alone, but at least zelda wiiu would have made me feel a lot better about blowing so much money just for one game. But now they delayed zelda wiiu, it makes me think twice about even getting a wiiu at all.

if the NX is backwards compatible, maybe i wont even need a wiiu. and lets just be completely honest, the wiiu is a terrible console anyway.

Realplaya1061d ago

I swore Nintendo out of there own mouth said the reason they mentioned the NX was so people knew they were not abandoning the console and portable space.

Neonridr1060d ago

I do agree with what you are saying. It puts the NX in a bad situation because those who opt to wait for the NX instead have to pray that it has Wii U backwards compatibility, otherwise they won't be able to play these great final games that the Wii U will offer.

Zelda sales could suffer huge as a result.

Only time will tell of course.

Lucreto1062d ago

No, we are not meant to know of its existence this early.

We don't even know if it's a handheld console or a home console.

deadpoolio3161061d ago

We KNOW its not a god damned handheld...They just released the "NEW" 3DS, they aren't going to turn around and release another handheld a year later....

E3 2015 new console unveiled, Zelda secretly cancelled for Wii U...

E3 2016 Announcement that the new console will be in stores in NOV 2016 with Zelda and Starfox being launch titles....

The Wii U is a failure, Nintendo wants to get away from that..Its done, hence why there are next to zero games with 2015 planned releases, don't be shocked if Xenoblade gets moved along with Zelda

The 10th Rider1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Dude, Xenoblade is less than a month away in Japan they can't move it to NX...You're just trolling every Nintendo NX and Zelda Wii U article.

As I said elsewhere, if you're going to try and hide your trolling at least get your facts straight.

Also as I said elsewhere in regards to it being a handheld or not: "Well, the DSi launched in April 2009 and the 3DS launched in March of 2011. The New 3DS launched in February of 2015 so if they announce the NX at E3 2016 and release it Spring 2017 it'd be right on target."

Also as was said elsewhere in regards to having no games in 2015: "Splatoon, Mario Maker, Yoshi's Wooly World, Xenoblade, Star Fox..."ZERO", nice try. Add in Devil's Third, and whatever they announce and they've got a decent line up."

Denial is just the first stage of grief, I know the Zelda delay has been hard for everyone...But at least you'll have time to come to acceptance before the game launches /s

XiMasterChief1061d ago

They said they will talk about the new console at E3 2016, not 2015.

Spotie1061d ago

You need to chill the F out, man. No matter how badly you want it, the Wii U had years left in it.

modelgod1061d ago

@deadpoolio316 " We know it's not a god damn handheld". LMAO!!!

Grilla1061d ago

"We KNOW its not a god damned handheld...They just released the "NEW" 3DS, they aren't going to turn around and release another handheld a year later.."

Let it go dude, it's not a new system. Do you really think the new 3ds is gonna be around for 5 years?

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Grilla1061d ago

"We don't even know if it's a handheld console or a home console."

Maybe it's both.

relateuk20031062d ago

I think my theory on Zelda was correct based on news of delays

LOL_WUT1061d ago

Its going to be a NX launch title watch ;)

randomass1711060d ago

NX is likely launching in two years time though. We know so little about it it may as well be in the pre-production stage. Zelda is being delayed to next year. I'm pretty convinced that it will still be a Wii U exclusive.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

no Journalists killed it
by spreading misinformation

superchiller1061d ago

Or alternatively (and more accurately), Nintendo killed the Wii U by completely bungling the design, basing it around a questionable gimmick and leaving out tons of commonly-expected features that have been in consoles for a decade or more. Yeah, more like it.

RSKnight1061d ago

Agree, but also what Nintendo did is an announcement of an announement, wich is a pretty stupid thing to do, so yes, they killed the Wii U for all the reasons you mentioned and now they just give it the last shot in the head with the NX anouncement.
I mean, if Nintendo was not going to give us any info about the NX at the time, only that they will tell us more about it next year, then they should have keept their mouth shut!

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