The History of Kojima's Struggle With Konami

Cinelinx: "While Kojima himself hasn’t stated too much, the idea that he is leaving Konami seems like it is all set in stone. With that send-off, it is important to look at why this is such a big deal and why fans are shocked by such an announcement. Hideo Kojima is one of my biggest inspirations as a writer of my own projects, and a big reason I continue to write, so him leaving is very impactful to me, but is it the end? For that answer I think we need to look at the very beginning…"

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Drithe1213d ago

The game will go on without him.

Haru1213d ago

True, but that doesn't mean that it will be the same, the next game after TPP will probably still sell a lot but in time the game is going to lose it's popularity and sells will decline untill the francise dies and nobody cares anymore, because a MGS game is not a real MGS without Kojima ;)

darthv721213d ago

That's like saying a halo game isnt a real halo game without bungie. Or a god of war game isnt a real god of war game without Jaffe.

Because something is created by an initial and then transitions to another doesnt automatically mean it will fail to live up or exceed where it began.

RedDeadLB1213d ago


True, but you can't really expect someone to do justice to Kojima's games. They are unique, they are eccentric as is he. No, if MGS goes into different hands, I do not believe it will ever reach the same heights basically every Kojima MGS game has.

DeadManMMX1213d ago

@Darth its definitely not the same thing in this case. Hideo Kojima's games have a certain style to them that comes from the man himself. He obsessively over sees everything on these games. The main reason hes kept making them is because everytime he tried to let the studio take it over they couldn't get it. I see this more as Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive after their creator left. Straight down down down. When the eccentricness of the games director is in the DNA of the game its hard to emulate.

fei-hung1213d ago

@darth the difference is Halo was made by a team and the team was famous. MGS although made by a team was all about Kojima similar to ninja gaiden and Itagaki. Sometimes it's the individuals that make the difference and if they leave the game isn't the same nor are the sales and reviews.

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Xman2K1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

He is gonna comeback after this troll and say "kept you waiting,huh?!"

oasdada1213d ago

some one wudve said the same thing about silent hill in the past.. now look at it.. and when there was a ray of hope for that game to get back to its glory.. it goes down the drain again

maximus19851213d ago

april fools joke in the making, watch and see

Hold_It1213d ago

You can't really believe Kojima. After all, he just lies, or trolls if that's what you want to call it and has a huge history of doing such. Don't be surprised if he is doing this all for PR so he can get even more sales for MGS, not that MGS needs it but those who believe him will buy it to support his "departure". Kojima will eventually be the Boy Who Cried Wolf at this rate.

2pacalypsenow1213d ago

Mgs is dead without kojima , look at rising ....

UNKLE1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

but mgs4 ending was not made by kojima, the real ending was cutted from game(where otacon,snake would executed by pentagon) that was made by kojima, and still people buyed the game...

Kojima: i need pee
konami: no! work on mgs6 NOW!!
kojima: ok :(