Final Fantasy XV: Tabata Doesn’t Get How Fictional Characters Work

Final Fantasy XV’s characters’ behavior is whatever the developers want it to be. Including women wouldn't change that.

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annoyedgamer1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

How about they do whatever they want? They have numerous FF games with female characters but you won't go play those, you choose to whine about this one. And please cite where the the "female thor" comic book is outselling the real Thor.

This site is a joke, I clicked the link (unfortunately) and a memo popped up linking me to another whine article about the next AC game featuring a straight white male..where have I heard that before?

annoyedgamer1118d ago

Thats a nice spin they got going on there.

thejigisup1118d ago

The writing is just better, and it's nicer to look at. Hands down a no brainer

TekKing1118d ago

But they ARE doing whatever they want. They've already made it clear that they don't care if fans want to play as more than one character like it was when it was FFvs13. They want to downgrade the game and make you only play as 1 of them.

annoyedgamer1118d ago

Eh I never played FF to be honest, I never cared for the games but the line of argument is getting really old from these people. That same site is still ranting about how bad Assassins Creed is because the leads are male and straight.

vishmarx1118d ago

yeah game development should run as per the instructions of fans.the most sensible and level headed people on the internet
brilliant idea.

NoctisPendragon1118d ago

Downgrading what ? Noctis in FF VS XIII did not have so many skill and power , he was like the others.
Now Noctis can do tons of crazy things out of the human realms , how do you want them to balance it ?
Now if they add character switching , they either "downgrad" Noctis or "upgrade" his friend aka change the whole Story .

Adrian_v011118d ago


Why would allowing character switching Downgrade Noctis? All the characters already have animations for attacks, abilities, magic and such. Making them controllable doesn't seem like a big issue to me. Noct could keep all his abilities, only you could switch to the other ones for some diversity. For example, instead of hoping for the AI to make Prompto use his stun shot when you need it, you could just switch to him and use it yourself.

Also the argument that Noctis does all weapons the other's have doesn't hold water for me. He doesn't have their personality and moves, which adds a lot to the battle style they have.

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Blackleg-sanji1118d ago

I don't get it was their this much backlash about x-2 back then? And even if their was this is one installment. Makes me glad I'm not a huge ff fan because I'm not clinging to old ideals I enjoyed this demo so Damn much

averagejoe261118d ago

I am a final fantasy fan through and through and loved the demo.

Don't let a few idiots represent the entire fandom.

joab7771118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I agree. It's his game. But...let me add this.

Characters can do whatever the creator writes, but the assumption that a creator can do whatever they like and it will be relatable or believable to the audience is false. It was quite clear that he thought the chemistry etc. and the idea of a male bonding trip would be better for his game. Here's a good example

Brienne from GoT is an amazing character that kicks a$$. She is better than most men in Westeros. But...but...she changes the dynamic of any group she is in b/c she is a woman. This is a great thing b/c it makes for great interaction and character building, but, if the writers chose to ignore her gender and always treat her as a male, it wouldn't be believable.

Now, could FF15 have had a girl in its cast? Yeah. But it would have changed the dynamic and who are we to say that his vision is wrong b/c he chose 4 males?

I'm getting tired of these gotya interviews. He was clear. Don't take his words and then write an article telling us why he doesn't understand his own game or his own thoughts.

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Eamon1118d ago

I really don't care whether the cast was mixed or not. My main problem is the character designs. They're all wearing black clothing with Prompto the only one looking a bit different with his blonde hair.

At least they should have had different hair/clothing colours. But this is a minor issue.

The demo was absolutely amazing. I'm convinced that Square have finally done something right for once.

ameliabaz1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Yeah I gotta admit I find the character designs pretty boring. It's not a major problem but I usually like how varied FF character designs are, but I find the look of FFXV's characters quite bland.

RpgSama1118d ago

Final Fantasy X-2 was an all women party, Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 AND XIII-3 all had a woman as the main character. This is what they want to do this time, they want to tell a story about a group of friends on a road trip saving the world, they just so happen to be all males, no big conspiracy against women.

NoctisPendragon1118d ago

Tabata ? I am almost sure this idea is from Nomura but it is easier to insult Tabata i guess . I fear the day when all games have the same cast : a man , a gay , a girl , a lesbian , a black and so on .... people will always find something illogical to complain about .

Asking for good characters is the right thing to ask.

Feriku1118d ago

Yes, the developers *could* create a group of guys who act completely the same whether they're with other guys or with women, too.... but would that be realistic? And regardless of how some guys act, these are specific characters, not generic slates--maybe *these* particular characters would act differently around a woman.

(And as a writer, I'm slightly put off by the implication that the writers have full control over their characters' behavior. Sure, it sounds like it should be that way, but ask most writers and you'll hear stories of characters' autonomy. I think Tabata understands how fictional characters work just fine... :P)

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