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Forza has a proud racing game history and has sported some of the biggest names in car manufacturing and racing so you can forgive players for being a tad excited for a DLC mash up with the biggest Driving film franchise in recent memory Fast & Furious. So does this racer hit the mark or does it deliver another film video game tie in to forget?

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annoyedgamer1063d ago

Not sure about this score, this game felt like a bare bones test drive for an a NFS: Underground style game. The night races and Nitrous boost set the mood. Only thing missing was an awesome cityscape and neon lights.

yarbie10001063d ago

"Only thing missing was an awesome cityscape and neon lights."

You make it too obvious you didn't play the game considering the 2nd race you do is a cityscape with neon lights

annoyedgamer1063d ago

I just got off it, its not really neon lights, it is just the regular map at night. I am talking Need for Speed Underground 2 here.

3-4-51063d ago

* It's 10 cars for FREE.

How can you judge if it feels right when it's based on a movie that hasn't even released yet ?

What if it actually fits the movie really well ?

How would you know unless you'd seen the movie ?

But the movie isn't out yet.

So how could you know?

You couldn't ?

so why pretend you do, and lie to people ?

Trash Journalism.

annoyedgamer1063d ago

Why is everyone disagreeing with me? I was not dissing the game I was saying it looks like a good demo for a possible venture unto the Underground. I would like to see it. I even disagree with the low score.

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kraenk121063d ago

This free expansion is nothing but a Horizon 2 demo doing some cross promotion with Fast and the Furious. There is not much of special value here.

Aries831063d ago

Special value? It's a free game with amazing cars, AND there is 1000G like any other full game. I don't understand how people complain about free, when the free is actually associated to a good product...

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Sayburr1063d ago

The racing is fine, in itself. It is just the tie in that didn't seem to work...

Anyway, the final word from the review: "Movie Game tie ins rarely come of and in this instance a new style of tie almost worked however if this game tried less to sell another and focused on delivering a great Fast & Furious experience in the Forza world with unique events it would have been a hit. Get when Free avoid this overpriced DLC thereafter."

aviator1891063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

"get when free...."

Isn't it free right now though?

1063d ago
XanderZane1063d ago

@The_Infected: I only played $9.99 for Storm Island cause I'm a VIP Forza member. Storm Island has more content then this free demo. The fact that this game is Free and a lot of fun to play seems worth it for me. Anyone who has played Horizon 2 should definitely download F&F now while it's still free.

Immorals1063d ago

Yeah I got it at the VIP discount, but I definitely would have been happy paying full price!

Dudebro901063d ago

People will review anything for clicks.

TheRedButterfly1063d ago

Gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

OT: The game was a stand-alone expansion for an incredibly well-received game. Was it the best thing I've played on the XO? No. And I was able to blow through it in about 3 - 3.5 hrs... But it was the easiest 1000G I've ever gotten, so the Achievement Hunters out there will be happy with it - especially since it's free for the nest 2 weeks or so.

For a free game, I can't complain at all. Had I paid whatever they're going to eventually ask for it though, I can't say my opinion wouldn't change.

mxguy931063d ago

So is it good or nah. I was hyped for it

StrayaKNT1063d ago

It's amazing so much fun

Immorals1063d ago

It's a glorified demo. 1000/1000 in 3 hours, had fun with it.

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