RoboBlitz hits Xbox Live Marketplace

As promised RoboBlitz has just hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. It is the first Live Arcade game that makes use of the famous Unreal 3 Engine and still isn't larger than 50 MB!

The game is developed by Naked Sky and costs 1200 Microsoft Points. More expensive than most Arcade games, but RoboBlitz is really one of a kind. The demo is free so check it out!

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Funky Town_TX3795d ago

This goes to show that soze is not the most important aspect for games. @ < 64mb this looks great.

munish233795d ago

I'm downloadin it right now, it should be sick!

calderra3795d ago

Gotta say it:
"Thank God for BluRay! I don't know how any console can possibly manage with under 22Gigs of space on a disc!"

[Unreal Engine 3 in <50MB? Wow. This game should win a technical accomplishment award for that alone.]

Nodoze3795d ago

How about we remove the 50MB requirement and start making a damn price requirement for the ARCADE titles! This game is 15 bux!!!

I am all for some innovation, and I think the latest releases for arcade have been original and fun, but 15 bux???

All arcade titles should cost a max of 800 points (10 bux). I mean look at the wii virtual console, you are getting FULL games for cheaper than this title.