Hitman Movie Loses Diesel

Ain't it cool news has reported that movie based of the videogame Hitman from Eidos has gotten the Greenlight. However Vin Diesel will be left behind, Mr.Diesel was set to play Agent 47 from the videogame. Even though Diesel will not be Agent 47 the movie is due out sometime next fall.

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nicodemus4369d ago

now let's just hope they don't fall back on The Rock, or somebody...

PhantomMD4369d ago

How bout the dude from the transporter!

MicroGamer4369d ago

your story seems to have been removed from the site you linked to, secondly, they would probably get the dude who played the Thing in the Fantastic Four movie to replace him.

FadeToBlack4368d ago

Vin Diesel sucks. Like you said the guy from the transporter movies would be good for this role.

Sphinx4368d ago

Not that Vin Diesel is all that bad... he just isn't Agent 47 for sure.

quantae064368d ago

Oh I didnt know a Hitman movie was coming out how cool.

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