4 Dangerous Pitfalls Nintendo Must Avoid on the Road to Modernization

As Nintendo makes great strides to become a more modern company, they'll have to watch out for a handful of key pitfalls that come along with modernization.

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Jimboms1360d ago

I'm confident they won't do pay to win, on the DLC side I just hope they do worthwhile DLC, to date what they've offered has been crap and not worth it in any way.

BrianSharon1360d ago

I agree, for the most part. The issue is that the temptation will be there, especially given their partnership with DeNA - who know how to do F2P with maximum financial success.

Look at how Nintendo have handled amiibo - recently restraint hasn't been their strong suit.

mamotte1360d ago

...the FREE mercedes DLC? Yeah, mixed.

mamotte1360d ago

Three characters, new vehicles, and eight tracks at $7,50 is crap? Man, what are you expect'em to sell as DLC?

BrianSharon1360d ago

I state in the article that the reaction was mixed to the Mario Kart DLC - mostly due to the Mercedes DLC - as is linked.

I do appreciate your passion for the subject though.

BrianSharon1360d ago

As free as it was, it still borders on the absurd. People don't want to see, or aren't accustomed to seeing that sort of blatant advertising in a Nintendo game.