PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Currently Free on PS Vita

While various spring sales and discounts are going on through PSN, those who go into the PlayStation Store and dig a bit can find that fighting game rumbler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is currently available for free.

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WizzroSupreme1090d ago

That's probably what I'd pay for it. Just a poor man's Smash Bros.

SegaSaturn6691090d ago

I like it a lot. It's like smash bros without the item nonsense.

1090d ago
Spurg1090d ago

just checked its not free

thejigisup1090d ago

It was caught pretty quickly

XSpike1090d ago

Free on EU store, US doesn't = the world like most American's like to believe.

SonyStyled1090d ago

where are you finding these americans who like to think that? because i live in the US and the "most" americans you speak of are far and few between. but if you were looking for people who only read headlines and not click on the link to see it was referencing the EU store, you can find plenty headline only readers from around the globe here on n4g

Dhampir1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

We had GoW:Ascension Ultimate for free a couple hours ago. Now it's $12

WeAreLegion1090d ago

Such a good game. Easily my second favorite brawler, behind Power Stone 1/2.

Clogmaster1090d ago

Did anyone ever play Urban Reign for PS2? Great multiplayer game.

miyamoto1090d ago

Yup Power Stone 2 is so much fun!

ruefrak1090d ago

It's not free. PSN sometimes labels games you already own as being "free" but for people who don't own it will see the full price.

jukins1090d ago

People down it but it at the time of release if you had a vita and ps3 this game was more than worth it I still play it from time to time still. It's not perfect but let's be honest sony really never intended it to be a smash Bros it just happened to be similar.

It was basically a promo game for 3rd parties the ones who didn't mind lending their characer for free or next to nothing. they had no advertising and let a rookie team of fighting game fans develop it and Santa Monica had to finish it ofF.

hkgamer1090d ago

sony obviously wanted something similar to smash bros. obviously not exactly the same thing but similar in style.

the game was intended for the smash pro players, the ones that dont like items or random events. seth killian was brought in to help make this game feel like an advanced smash bros but that is a tiny niche market and they should have concentrated on making this game feel more fun and also a little more noob friendly.

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The story is too old to be commented.