Alan Wake- Microsoft's ocean of possibilities

“It’s not a lake, it’s an ocean”.

As the first episode of Alan Wake’s weirdly wonderful eponymous game drew to a close, Dave Green of XboxMAD was in smitten. The setting was intoxicating – a heady mix of Twin Peaks, Stephen King and that special Remedy magic – the style was right up Dave's alley. Nick Cave’s “Up Jumped The Devil” played over the episodes credits before the second episode began (completely with a “Previously on Alan Wake” catch-up). Episodic gameplay is all the rage these days of course, but back in 2010 it was truly novel. More novel, the entirety of Alan Wake’s adventure was on the disc; its episodic stylings were just that – style, an attempt to evoke those cliff-hanger endings of TV shows and pulp horror novels that developers Remedy obviously loved.

So, why write about Alan Wake now? Remedy have since moved on to the upcoming Quantum Break and there hasn’t been movement on the franchise since 2012’s digital-only Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

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ScorpiusX1359d ago

I say bring that awesome game to Xbox one with all DLC and you have a buyer.

Mikefizzled1359d ago

I'd prefer they get a porting studio to do it leaving Remedy to focus on QB and contemplate a return to Bright Falls.

dms52231359d ago

I'd love to replay Alan wake and American nightmare. But I'd really like to see a proper sequel. Hopefully remedy can start on that after quantum break.

FriedGoat1359d ago

I played through them on pc the other week. Great game, apart from the ending of course.

--bienio--1359d ago

Alan wake 2 please for Pc amd XboxOne exclusive forget about Ps4. They can stick with Blodborne...

Hellsvacancy1359d ago

Damn it..... I'm starting a petition "Alan Wake On PS4"

Yess, that's sarcasm, each platform should have their own exclusives

Saying that I bet someone already has started a petition for a PS version of Alan Wake, there's petitions for nearly everything on the internet "Tampax For Men, Sign Here"

--bienio--1359d ago

I hope that alan wake will never be released on PS4 console , why ?? since yesterday PS4 players laments that the blodborne may also be released on PC ? if I have to be honest I was little interested but Im not, and If Ps4 players are found to the Alan wake 2 is on exclusivity for Pc / XboxO look whats happen. It's going to be fun for us.

Hellsvacancy1359d ago

So your now not interested in a game that you was a "little" interested in before all because of a "small minority" of commenters on a gaming site?

Perjoss1359d ago

Your comment is good for my health, no need to put salt on my dinner tonight

Fro_xoxo1359d ago

make it happen, include American nightmare too.

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