Petition to Bring Bloodborne to PC Claims From Software “Betrayed” Gamers

CraveOnline: "A petition to bring Bloodborne to the PC has nearly garnered its required number of signatures, with its creator claiming that developer From Software has “betrayed” PC gamers by releasing their latest title exclusively on the PS4."

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lelo2play1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )


I agree.
Since Sony produced the game, I highly doubt it will come to the PC. Sony's single player games very rarely reach the PC.
If it was Microsoft, maybe it could get released on the PC.

Those are not single player games.

"Sony's single player games very rarely reach the PC."

ThunderPulse1334d ago


Death1334d ago

Bloodborne isn't single player though. There is a co-op and PvP mode.

With Sony selling off Sony Online Entertainment I doubt we will see much PC support if any though.

Aloy-Boyfriend1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )


It doesn't have to do anything with being SP or MP. Those games listed above were made by SOE, which they were PC first guys even thought they were owned by Sony. Those games would have never been released on the Bone with Sony as SOE parent, but now they aren't, and they will release games on Xbox.

What Lelo basically tried to say is that Sony doesn't release PS4 games on PC. Seriously people, get all the consoles if you don't want to feel ''Betrayed.''

yewles11334d ago


Those aren't Sony anymore.

imt5581334d ago



blitz06231334d ago

The funny part is if the game didn't get great reviews there would be no such petition. You'd just hear 'you console gamers can keep that garbage'

Dir_en_grey1334d ago Show
MysticStrummer1334d ago

@ThunderPulse - Those games were on PC first and made by the former Sony Online Entertainment.

OT - lol @ "betrayed".

Gamer19821334d ago

Also those games were SOE although Sony in name they were NOT Sony games just backed by Sony they were more 3rd party than 1st.

JasonKCK1334d ago

"Those aren't Sony anymore." I'm not sure but I think that was his/her point.

nX1334d ago

Hillarious, seems like people have no idea how these things work. As long as the intellectual property belongs to Sony, you will never see this game on any other platform. You can either keep dreaming or just buy a PS4 if you want to play it.

starchild1334d ago

I have Bloodborne for my PS4 and it is a fantastic game. I'd definitely prefer to play it on my PC, but it's not available there. It is what it is.

That said, I don't condone this behavior among the platform holders. I don't agree with Microsoft buying timed exclusivity to Rise of the Tomb Raider, nor do I agree with Sony buying exclusivity to a third party game in a popular, former multi-platform series.

Sure, Bloodborne has a different name and setting along with some gameplay differences, but for all intents and purposes it's a spiritual successor in the Souls series. It's going to appeal to most of the same people. Now, instead of From Software's forth Souls-like game being able to be enjoyed by gamers on the platform they enjoyed the Dark Souls games on it's locked to only one platform due to an exclusivity deal.

Still, I don't feel betrayed, I simply don't agree with the practice of console makers buying exclusivity to third party games.

morganfell1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Sony didn't buy exclusivity for Bloodborne. If the game was being made and paid for by From Software and Sony said, "Hey, we will pay you to make that exclusive or timed exclusive" then I would agree to your point. That isn't the case with Bloodborne. Bloodborne would not have been made had Sony not put forward the development funds.This was cooperative development paid for by Sony and their involvement with Miyazaki began before development commenced.

mikeslemonade1334d ago

I think it comes to PC in 3 years. That's just my prediction. It's great to have exclusives over multiplatform. The load times would be even better on the PC. However I will be playing BB2 by then!

bmf73641334d ago

Even so, those games listed are from what used to be Sony Online Entertainment. They're third party now and took their IP's with them.

mep691334d ago

Technically not a single player game.

Sevir1334d ago

Lol. PC gamers pipe down. The game isn't being made solely by From Software. It's an IP owned by Sony Computer Entertainment , Sony Japan formed a relationship with From Software to create bloodborne. That partnership was forged when Sony Japan and From Software co developed Demon's Souls. It's the same thing.

The whole reason why Dark Soul's exist is because of Demon's Souls surprise popularity.

If you PC gamers want to fund a Dark Souls 3 go buy Dark Souls 2.

LordMaim1334d ago

@mikeslemonade: It will probably take as long as it did for Demon's Souls to come out for PC.

SnakeCQC1334d ago

Ms doesnt really care for pc gamers otherwise the halo collection would be out. Sony has a ton of games like hiz1 that are only on pc atm.

k3rn3ll1334d ago

SCEA is different than SOE.

Planetside, DC Univers, and Everquest are SOE games. Those games were developed specifically for PC and is why they are there and sometimes come to PS.

SOE almost always are restricted to PS platforms. I cant think of any off the top of my head but there are a couple.

Also- Bloodborne is a multiplayer game as well. Just not a online only multipplayer game like the others

It's funny because for years alot of PC gamers complained about MS keeping exclusives exclusive to Xbox and not coming to windows. Now that almost all of their exclusives are coming to PC at some point people complain about games NOT being exclusive to xbox. Its a damned if you do damned if you dont situation. Like so many things in this industry are.

AliTheSnake11334d ago

And half of them will pirate it.

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UltraNova1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )


"I don't get why PC gamers think they make everything better because you can mod PC games."

You forgot the "my GPU is bigger, badder, stronger than yours" statement...


BB has more in common with Demons (a ps3 exclusive)than it has with DS if its any help to you. And I don't recall you 'expressing your feelings' about Sunset Overdrive's identical deal.

extermin8or1334d ago

@ultra nova: sunset overdrive deal wasn't identical Microsoft don't own the IP. For bloodborne Sony do. Honestly this game came because of the Relationship SCEJ had with from software from demon's souls. Had they not messed up predictions on its popularity and given it worldwide distribution then Dark Souls would have been ps exclusive aswell I imagine. Dark souls 2 was made by a different team, mkyazaki clearly likes working with Sony as it appears to allow him a certain amount of creative freedom companies like Namco bandi clearly didn't allow.

XB1_PS41333d ago

I don't even need it on PC. Normally I would rather play on PC because I like those frame rates and pixels, but Bloodborne plays great on PS4. I really don't care if it comes to PC or not. That said, petty petitions like this are childish. The game will go where it goes. The PS4. The IP is owned by Sony. They're not letting it go.

Sheikh Yerbouti1333d ago

More to the point re: ThunderPulse. Those are MMO's which were made for PC by the FORMER SOE, not by SCE.

WellyUK1333d ago

It's not SOE anymore it's Daybeak Games... Expect to see PS2 and H1z1 on multiplatform.

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NecotheSergal1334d ago ShowReplies(6)
Brotard1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

I'm so sick of seeing this, from software did nothing wrong they CODEVELOPED (it wasnt just from anyway, japan studios helped) a game with funds from sony. Its also sonys ip, if you are sooo butthurt get a ps4, thats why its exclusive, to sell ps4s. And the whole sony releases games on pc why not this.... well if you didn't know sony just sold its pc development studio. they have officially moved away from pc.

These kind of people taint the word gamer for me.

@stapleface, just because a company developed a game for a system you can't change settings on doesn't mean they betrayed you.

@bc_master_haze no its not people like your friend that im upset about, its the people claiming from software has BETRAYED them. From has always worked closely with sony anyway

Stapleface1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

I have a ps4. Believe it or not there are logical reasons other than the childish "butthurt" logic that your mind comprehends. Options come to mind. You know in the settings how in most games you can change from 1080p to 1440p, increase AA, etc..oh wait...

@Brotard I never said they did. That's the person writing the article. I'd agree with you, that no it doesn't mean that at all.

BC_Master_Haze1334d ago

While I understand your point, it is Sony's IP and petitioning it to come to PC is about as pointless as petitioning Uncharted to come to PC, I don't think you can blame them for trying. They made their case, but it's not happening, no harm done. I'm sure there are extreme "Master Race" gamers in there, they're probably who wrote that they feel betrayed by FromSoftware.

But you see my friend signed this petition, simply because he doesn't have a PS4, just XB1 and PC, and I don't think that's someone who's tainting the word gamer. He said if it comes down to it (and it will) he's getting a PS4 for this game.

Loktai1334d ago


I just dont get the logic, not saying you specifically but in general what is with this feeling of entitlement. Why dont you see this shit happening over Mario games, or where is the petition to bring any of the other big console exclusives... last of us?

Im a PC gamer myself, its this mentality people get . PC gamers are like guys who own V8 trucks, its capable of more and has a load of torque and look down on someone with a civic or a subaru or something- in an actual race the civic or subaru might win but they're looking at specs, numbers and overall capability. They want the game and they'll spend 500 on a video card and 300 on ram, but not 300-400 on a console to play a game they're willing to whine so much about that they will make a stinkin petition.

I understand "options" but 1080p is fine, the game was designed to run on PS4 and it runs well, and the double standard IS REAL because look, PC gamers love love love indie games and are willing to play those , even on a high end PC they'll play smaller indie games "because its fun" and why because its on PC, then when its a console game looking a load better than any indie game at any resolution because its still a pixelated mess at 1440p, they whine and want a petition.

MY advice to these individuals is for the amount of time you'd be waiting for a port just wait, the game will be there in a year- it probably wont happen, 99% wont happen but if it doesnt by then a PS4 will probably be 250 used and the game will be 40, if you care THAT Much you have options and its not the only game worth owning a PS4 for at all, if you dont have anything else to play in the meantime Im sorry.

Ickythump311334d ago

@Loktai I agree with you 100% but at the end of the day people just like to complain.

Morpheuzpr1334d ago

Stupid people are always the most opinionated. They don't understand From software and Sony's relationship. Basically the way they work together is that Sony is paying for From Software's game engine development. In return they get exclusivity for the first game they make with it. It was that way with Demon Souls and now it's the same for Blood Born.

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Agrim1334d ago

Omg I was just going to post that xD

wolf5811334d ago

they betrayed their self for not buying a console and stick with their stop crying like a 5 years old and go get a ps4, this is the only way to play bloodborne and many more to come....just like i got wiiu for zelda and x1 for halo....

Clunkyd1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

@Wolf I completely agree.

"Master Race" begging for games, Isn't that what "peasants" would do? GG
I thought the PC platform had the biggest library of PC exclusives. Oh I see, You want quality.

Sorry, I'm not knocking PC gamers. This is a straight jab to PC elitists.

starchild1334d ago

Ok, there's nothing wrong with wanting good games on your preferred platform. Especially when it's from a third party developer whose games you've already enjoyed on said platform.

And if there is something wrong with it, I don't want to see Playstation owners asking for The Witcher, Witcher 2, Star Citizen or any other PC game.

Christopher1334d ago

***Especially when it's from a third party developer whose games you've already enjoyed on said platform. ***

Just because a third-party developed it, doesn't make it a third-party game. It's a first-party title. Let's not act obtuse on that regard.

rainslacker1334d ago


wanting a game, and claiming that the dev "betrayed the gamers" are two entirely different things.

I doubt most people would have much issue with the petition itself, as useless as it is, if it had left out the entitled accusatory tone of the nature of the petition.

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Genuine-User1334d ago

Most of the people signing this petition are either clueless or pretentious.

Christopher1334d ago

Only two out of more than 50 games made it to PC that were developed by From Software.

Was this the straw that broke the camel's back or are people just uninformed and whiny?

starchild1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

That's not true. Ninja Blade is on PC and I'm sure there are others as well.

And why wouldn't Souls fans on PC be disappointed that Bloodborne is not available on their platform?

It's not that surprising. Whether anybody should sign a petition over it is another subject altogether.

Christopher1334d ago

***And why wouldn't Souls fans on PC be disappointed that Bloodborne is not available on their platform? ***

Disappointed is different than "betrayed" and creating a pointless petition when Sony owns the IP and paid for the game to be made. It's not like From Software went to Sony and said "we want to make a game" and Sony said "fine, but only if it's PS4 only." What happened is Sony approached From Software to make a game on their platform and they paid for it.

I'd love to see Sunset Overdrive on PS4 and PC. I don't feel betrayed. MS gave them what they wanted and it's why the game was made at all. There is no betrayal here, only the best way for the game to be made at all.

And, the mass majority of From Software games, at least 90%, are not available on PC. I went quickly through the list and only two were even listed for PC. Could have missed a handful of others, but I also undersold how many they've made.

Criti-Choco1334d ago


The same thing happened with Demon Souls, that also never got a port which is why Dark Souls was made, Bloodborne will probably get another counterpart in later years but I doubt it will ever be worth the time petitioning for this one to be ported.

starchild1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

To be clear, I think the petition is pointless. Sony published the game and owns the brand, it's highly unlikely they would release it on PC.

I also think that using terms like "betrayed" is silly and overly dramatic.

However, if people want to vent their frustrations or feel like they are being heard by signing a petition then let them. I don't have any problem with that in and of itself.

I don't think From Software, or any other company, OWES me something. They don't. Nevertheless, I do have ideas about how I would prefer them to operate. I don't like when Sony or Microsoft buy exclusivity to games made by third party developers. I'm consistent about this.

I think Sony and Microsoft should focus on bringing fresh content from their internal studios. If they want more internal studios I think they should hire, staff and build them from the ground up, not buy up established studios with fanbases on other platforms.

I know that whenever one of these third party exclusivity situations crops up fans of the console getting the exclusivity usual come up with all kinds of reasons why this time it's really different. But I honestly don't put much stock into those excuses. The developers and publishers always try to make it sound like the partnership was essential to the creation of the game, but I'd be willing to bet in most cases it's just rhetoric.

I think a very probable scenario in the case of Bloodborne is that Sony saw how successful the Souls games were and went to From Software and asked if they could get exclusivity to the next game in the series. From Software probably said no, so Sony suggested that they make a very similar game but with a different name. The idea was acceptable to From Software and terms were agreed upon. Then they make the announcement and, to assuage the frustrations of fans on other platforms, they make all these proclamations about how the partnership was vital to the creation of the game and how it wouldn't be possible on any other platform.

But, you know, that's business. It's not a huge deal, I simply don't prefer for that kind of thing to happen.

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Kidmyst1334d ago

Whiny self entitled gamers these days. But that gives me an idea, I should start a petition to bring Zelda to PC now so I don't have to buy a Wii U.

nitus101333d ago

You can get the NES, SNES, N64 as well as Gameboy roms and play them by emulator however this is illegal so unless you have a peg-leg and a green parrot on your shoulder don't do it ;-)

RedDeadLB1334d ago

I agree in a sense that this is the bitchiest form of asking for PC support.

There is no betrayal in the gaming industry, there is only business.
I'm all for as many games as possible coming to PC since I'm primarily a PC gamer, but I won't be supporting this petition. It's disrespectful, it's unprofessional and, as you've said, a pathetic attempt.

Aceman181334d ago

I'll just say to them good luck with it lol.

magiciandude1334d ago

PC gamers brighter than this far outnumber a couple random kids writing up some crybaby petition. This doesn't reflect the entire PC gamer community.

Loktai1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

True, I game on whatever is near me at the time, PC console or mobile. Some people base their self worth over the platform it seems. Definitely not me or most of the people I know but some people are really convinced console games are akin to mobile games and are unplayable and anyone gaming on a console is an idiot... thats only a minority- but its a LOUD Minority.

BG115791334d ago

Agreed. Most PC supporters are always bragging about how the PC has more exclusives than consoles. It's pathetic to see them act like that...

Do the Gods envy the peasants over one game?

NuggetsOfGod1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Honesty if I see more and more games like bloodbourne I will get a ps4 next to my pc.

Obviously this not coming to pc lol

If it was an xbox game maybe.

Least pc gamers get no mans, sf5 and hellblade.

To have every game be on your platform of choice would be great but won't happen.

I'll see what ps4 is looking like down the road.

Bloodbourne is a potenial system seller for me.

MRMagoo1231334d ago

Well I find my gaming needs are completely satisfied having a gaming pc and ps4. Pc for games like skyrim with mods, rts and turn based and the ps4 for games I can't get anywhere else.

DemonChicken1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Going by this logic I should create a petition for every PS4/PC/Wii U/X1/PS3/360/3DS/VITA exclusive game that doesn't come to PS4/PC/Wii U/X1/PS3/360/3DS/VITA =)

pixelsword1334d ago

Why do they want it? It's not 60fps, 1080p; the criteria they keep on bashing other console exclusive games for not being.

Loktai1334d ago


It COULD be.

_____________________________ __
Fixed it for you.
Depends on the rig doesnt it? Look at unity,
it ran like shit on all platforms and obviously a higher end PC is going to run it better but just saying, PC Doesnt automatically mean "runs well" on every rig.

GamingTruth1334d ago

I don't know about 'would be' or 'could be' despite the pc no matter how much anyone could put in it unless sony themselves made the hardware, some people overestimate on paper specs; which is why I suspect its automatically, "pc could run it better."

But people forget despite pc having so many new gpus and cpus and hardwares; the little "weakling" ps4 is made by sony, which is a movie making company; and are Japanese.

I don't think anything on sony platforms or even Microsoft platforms will just look better on pc; unless pc was the primary lead platform in the first place for a particular games engine or else we would see a order 1886 or driveclub level game in graphics on pc by now.

TedCruzsTaint1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

That statement is pathetic, but so are the reactions to it. That statement is not representative of PC gamers as even a majority. Let alone a whole.
The average gamer does, indeed, get the concept of exclusives and the idea of those who pay for a title's existence being the deciding factor of what to do with it.
This shouldn't be turned into the "F**k PC gamers" s**t show that N4G let it become.

The comment is immature . . . but so is the response, from what I've seen.

Corpser1334d ago

While you're there also sign the petition to bring Titanfall and Tomb Raider to ps4, yes there's a petition for every game that's not on every platform

hiredhelp1334d ago

As PC Gamer this is just stupid so we got dark souls, this is a new IP for sony only I dont see xbox getting it eaither jees.

masa20091334d ago

Pretty dumb yes, but no more pathetic than the thousands of console gamers whining about Bayonetta 2 not being on their platform of choice and calling Platinum sellouts.

hiredhelp1334d ago

Yeh but bayonetta first hit both consoles was well recieved did very well, So i can see why many were supprised no2 being Nintendo only.

Mr_Writer851334d ago

Bloodborne is a new IP

Bayonetta was multiplatform, in fact despite the awful port, the PS3 version sold the most.

So after supporting a new IP, only to find a shitty port of the 360 version, and then told that you won't be able to buy the sequal.

I think I can at least see the point of those who bought it on PS3's frustration.

masa20091333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Mr_Writer85 Your frustration doesn't make insults directed at Platinum any less dumb.
Sega would not fund a sequel.
Sony could have stepped to the plate and did not.
Nintendo did, making the game possible.
End of story.
A developer will try to find the best possible publishing partner, and if the publisher demands exclusivity in exchange of their development support, that's what will happen.

Big_Game_Hunters1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Yup, almost as pathetic as when PS4 gamers were saying MS betrayed gamers with tomb raider, oh how quickly we forget. Its okay though, i'm just happy PS4 finally got a worthwhile game. Next is uncharted in 2016, i'll buy one then for XV and KH3 as well assuming they don't get announced for PC.

Conzul1334d ago

lol, since when were PS4 gamers so IN LOVE with Tomb Raider? None of us felt betrayed at all.

Some people voiced some *minor annoyance - nothing on par with these whiney pc gamers ( who will shell out $1k+ on a good rig but not $400 on a PS4 which will have the same gfx as a $1k rig)

Big_Game_Hunters1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

@conzul i'm not going to argue with someone that has bad memory or won't accept the truth.

also 1k rigs aren't running games at 900p unstable 30 frames lol

GamingTruth1334d ago

yeah big_game_huners,

I mean who would want a pc which cant even run a game with wet clothing and hair physics and snow and sand erosion and footprint technology from the ps3 LAST generation, let alone anything near driveclub and order 1886 and even killzone shadowfall graphics or even infamous ss graphics ingame