So you want that PS3? Good luck

NEW YORK ( -- A shortage of the Playstation 3 has shoppers scrambling this holiday season.
Sony's (Charts) highly hyped gaming console was barely on shelves before selling out when it made its debut earlier this month.
Sony's PS3 is one of the holiday season's most sought after items.
Retailers say they're receiving shipments of the PS3 throughout the season, but with demand so strong, they expect fresh shipments to sell like like hot-cakes.

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Maddens Raiders4311d ago

-- "The Sony PS3 is the most popular tech toy on eBay (Charts), but prices are as red hot as the Playstations themselves."

More popular than Tickle Me Friggin' Elmo? lol

Marriot VP4311d ago

it's really bad, the two walmarts in state college only got 2 units after launch!! Both walmarts got 6 a peice at launch, which was half the promised amount...12.

MicroGamer4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

but store employees got the rest. Walmart managers have screaming brats at home, too.

Marriot VP4311d ago

I really hope you don't believe that. It's not like there's only one walmart manager who takes them off the trucks and puts them off the shelf. They know days in advance, with many people, managers too, knowing how many.

Islandkiwi4311d ago

I got one on launch day, but with the lackluster reviews I refrained from opening it. I'll sell it for xmas cash and buy one later when they've expanded the game library (maybe).