The uncertain future of the Xbox One

ET:"It’s difficult to know what to make of the Xbox One. When Microsoft first debuted the console nearly two years ago, its vision of the future of gaming slammed face first into the rock wall of consumer expectations. Microsoft offered a second-generation motion tracker with voice commands and an “always on” capability — but consumers didn’t want it. The company declared that online and retail disc purchases would be treated the same, only to find that customers valued the ability to trade in games at a local store. It promised a future in which families and friends could share games out of a common library — but at the cost of offline play."

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xDHAV0K24x999d ago

play the games and enjoy! smh

Septic999d ago

Games...something the author of the article seems to neglect in favour of talks of DX12 and Windows 10. Games are the KEY to success in this industry. Everything else is just filler. A strong focus on that and you can be certain that you will achieve some sort of success.

TheRedButterfly999d ago

And if Spencer's promotion was any indication, it looks like Microsoft has finally realized this. Putting a game developer as the head of the platform is the best decision they could have made.

christocolus999d ago


Well said bro.



NatureOfLogic_999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

@TheRed, Most of Xbox One games were planned way before Spencer's promotion. Also, if Spencer's strategy is to ignore majority of the year regarding games(Xbone exclusives for the holidays), I'd say he's doing a terrible job so far.

Godmars290999d ago

My bet is that Spencer will need year to properly implement any plans he has. Something that might come too late for the system.

Septic999d ago


One year is too late for the system? Is there some sort of ticking time bomb at MS HQ I'm not aware of?

Godmars290999d ago

The original the XB1 was *years* in planning before it was even announced, fell apart months before and after its release, with Spencer shoved into its helm while things were still breaking much less settling. There is no way that things have been fixed to a visible degree in all this time. No way he's had actual effect.

Look how long it took Sony to fix issues with the PS3.

Septic999d ago

Yeah okay but why would any changes be 'too late?' I dont want to sound like im grilling you mate, just want to know what you meant by that.

Godmars290999d ago

To be frank, as much as many don't want to hear much less believe, MS have never dominated the console market. They had bragging rights in the US with the 360 for a while, but that was it. If they had had anything more, like a stable foundation in regards to games, talk of Spencer's done or will do, the XB0 future, would not be a thing.

But then, with the best thing coming out for the PS4 are sequels and remakes, the issues with the Order, we need to be looking and talking about the whole of 8th console gen, not just one console.

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christocolus999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Exactly.i don't even know why this is coming up. the article holds no water.

“But rumors that Microsoft would like out of the Xbox business continue to swirl, prompted partly by stealthy executive departures and ongoing legal issues surrounding
the Xbox 360’s disc-scratching problems.”

Stealth executive departures? The author is basically referring to Phil Harrison here. legal issues surrounding disc scratching issues? These reasons aint enough to cause them to sell off the division. lol and using that opinionated article as a reference doesn't help prove his point.

” It’s entirely possible that Nadella would prefer to be out of gaming,but he’s not willing to defund and destroy the segment if he can’t find a buyer”

Hmm. Maybe the author needs to read these.

Just like the previous article, nothing here is fact. The entire article is just the writers opinion&imo Xbox One is going to be here for a while.

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Godmars290999d ago

If they were genuinely good, didn't require fan-defense or bashing, no one would nee to talk. Would be too busy playing.

Dudebro90999d ago

Seems pretty certain to me....

Cueil999d ago

The vision seems more and more like it was a good one ahead of its time

krypt1983999d ago

What i laugh the most about if if there will be consoles after this gen they both will more then likely ship with the restrictions the xb1 was orig going to ship with and it will be widely adopted and microsoft should of stuck to theirs gun on some of the issues..

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