WiiMote playing Half-Life 2 on a computer

A video of a guy playing Half-Life 2 on his computer using a Wii controller that is connected via bluetooth and GlovePie.

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TheMART4394d ago


So someone with a PC and a seperate Wiimotecan all enjoy the Wii sensoring stuff like someone with a Wii can, only difference is the PC owner get's real great games and in HD quality...

Mmmhhh let's see. Seperate Wiimote is 50 Euro's or something like that, the PC and BlueTooth is already here... So that's a cheap and nice experience there!

Harry4394d ago

You could say that about pluggin a Controller/Joystick into a computer.. doesnt stop thousands of people buying a PS2 or Xbox 360.

And whats more is how are you gonna use the keyboard whilst using the tilt'n'tumble controller... If you ask me it seems pointless seeing as there is already mice which can be used a lot easier..

It would also just be easier to buy a Wii cheapskates. Can you see your family gathering round the monitor to play a bit of half life 2 with the remote?

I cant see how this would properly benefit anyone except for the guy who has more money than common sense to go buy a wiimote just to see how it works on his PC.

TheMART4394d ago

First off, the WiiMote seperate only costs 35 Euro's. That's not about money and common sense. That's having fun for a small amount of money. Even if it would only do HL2 it would be fun already.

Second. You will know also, a PC can be connected to the 26 inch HDTV. Yeah I can see friends gathering around the monitor to play HL2 with the WiiMote. Or COD3 but then in better graphics the way it should be played (like I do on the 360 already).

Or any other game driven by the drivers that will be developed. Why does one use a force feedback wheel when they before drove by keyboard?

Because it's fun man...

ChickeyCantor4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

i hope they figure out how to use the infra-red.
that would improve the "mouse" issue

death monk4394d ago

I didn't know Half Life 2 worked on Macs.

TheMART4394d ago

Imagine what if there will be a Wii emulator on the PC... The Wii is a supercharged GameCube so that wouldn't be that hard! Damn. If that works and the WiiMote works fine, there you have the ultimate motion sensor setup

zonetrooper54393d ago

That is awesome, and death monk he is playing on a windows computer not a Mac.