Nov. Tops 3.2M Hardware Units

In its monthly report analyst Arcadia Investment says console sales in November topped 3.2 million units. Next-Gen has exclusive details of the report's highlights including platform break-downs.

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MicroGamer4394d ago

There's only going to be 5 million 360's sold through to the end of the year, those figures are USA ONLY! There are 2 million+ in the UK plus more elsewhere in the world.

Scrumptious4394d ago

360 selling as much as the PS2, especially with the price difference. I guess people are ready to embrace the true next generation after all. Also interesting that the DS is outselling the PSP.

ScorpioKyle4394d ago

the DS destroys the PSP in sales at my work. We sell about 25 DS's for every PSP we well. But the sales on both are picking up a bit.