Microsoft (Still) on for 10M Xbox 360s in '06

Once again, a Microsoft exec has reiterated that the company is still on track to sell 10 million consoles worldwide by year-end.

If Microsoft misses this target, it might be hard to live down.

Big Microsoft execs including chairman Bill Gates, CEO Steve Ballmer, Xbox head Peter Moore and CFO Chris Liddell have been repeatedly trumpeting for months now that Xbox 360 will meet the company goal of selling 10 million hardware units by the end of the year. (Actually, during E3 2006 week, Gates originally said, "Before our competition even enters the marketplace we will have a 10 million-unit headstart with Xbox 360.")

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Liddell again touted the goal at a Nasdaq analyst conference in London. "Revenue growth will continue to be a strong focus for us ... and we have had two major product launches which will help," he said. "We also believe we can sell 10 million Xbox 360 units by the end of the Christmas season."

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PS360PCROCKS4391d ago

2 million in December? That's alot, but not unlikely

MicroGamer4391d ago

After Australia and Europe launch. Microsoft can push their December figures up to that easily if retailers keep doing all the work for them by pushing 360s to those who won't be able to get a PS3 or Wii before Christmas.

DEIx15x84390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

2 million will happen with the massive stock piles Microsoft seems to be pushing out lately!

Scrumptious4390d ago

that the PS3 is out and consumers can see it is not in any way superior and deffinateley not worth $600!

Donkey Slayer4390d ago

" “Before our competition even enters the marketplace we will have a 10 million-unit headstart with Xbox 360.”"

joemutt4390d ago

In Europe MS will have sold 10m before Sony has even launched. So its true, Sony has not completed their launch, and MS is still on track.

Remember the old saying?

"First to 10 million wins the battle"

You Sony fans said that over and over a year ago, now that Ms gets there first, you will say 10 doesnt matter.

Dusk4390d ago

who initially claimed they'd have 2 million at launch and 4 million by years end. As it turns out, they had not even 200,000 at launch. If you do the math, that's less than 1% of what they initially claimed. Additionally, Sony is on target to sell 600,000 to 700,000 by years end. That's about 17% of what they initially claimed. Sony also said they'd launch by Xmas '05, then Spring '06, now Xmas '06, and they said it would be a worldwide launch like MS's, but as you know, it wasn't (poor Europeans).

As for MS, it was only Bill Gates that said that quote, the other execs corrected him shortly thereafter (same with his line about Halo 3 releasing when the PS3 launches). Even so, 10 million by mid Nov., compared to 10 million by end of the year isn't nearly as bad as Sony's "projections".

TheMART4390d ago

Oh wait let's recall some Sony statements then

Spring 2006

"We will launch in a couple of weeks. If I want to get the PS3 to roll out of the factory it can"


Somewhere in spring they said: at least 6 million units available this Christmas.


Somewhere at the end of the summer they said:

At least 4 million units available at Christmas.


Somewhere around october they said:

About 2 million units to hit the shops around Christmas


November they stated:

400k units to USA, 100k for Japan.


It's about 270.000 units sold by now. No more to get.

Now that's overpromissing & underdelivering.

Having 10 million sold by the launch of the PS3, or 1,5 month later then that is accurate enough for me

starbug one4390d ago

BTW 200,000 is 10% of 2,000,000. If you do the math. Your point is valid. Just thought it was funny.

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pbo2m34390d ago

I don't understand what this bickering back and forth about which console is going to sell more or who sold more. Does it really matter? I know that I don't see a penny if M$ or Sony sell 10 million. If M$ sells 10 million by Christmas, great. If not, will the world end?, no. So to me it doesn't matter. I have my 360 and am very happy with it. Doesn't mean that I will never get a PS3 or want Sony to fail miserably. As long as I keep getting the games that I like playing then I don't care what happens. As long as there is competition between M$ and Sony, we as gamers win in the end.

combatant4390d ago

Finally a person that understands what im talking about.

slugg4390d ago

If MS gets 10 million 360's out there, and Sony is still struggling to produce enought PS3's to meet demand, the net effect is this: 360 will pull away even further, PS3 will never be able to catch up. Why will the 360 pull away? More, better exclusive games and features. It has been said over and over (so I won't reiterate the whole argument here) that the 360 has already cemented itself as the lead dev platform for companies making games for both the PS3 and 360. So even if PS3 IS more powerful (which is still unproven in my mind-- show me a PS3 game out or close to being released that looks as good and is as fun to play as Gears of War), most games will look the SAME on PS3 and 360. So, the Sony fanboys shout, PS3 will have beter exclusive games like DMC4 and MGS4. But will they? Games of this caliber are VERY expensive to make, and how can a company release a game only on PS3 when there aren't enough PS3's sold for them to sell enough software to just break even, let alone turn a profit? Well, either they delay the game until more systems are available (See Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Oblivion, Fear, etc that were supposed to be PS3 launch titles)or they make it for a console that DOES have enough systems sold to make it worth their while, financially. Yes, 10 million matters, and launching a year early, (now that Nintendo and Sony are stealing new-system sales from each other and each facing their own supply problems), is looking like a smarter and smarter move on Microsofts part. Hell, they are already making money on every SYSTEM they sell, let alone games, live, or accessories.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4390d ago

if MS will make it, dont know its going to be close.

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