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Motorstorm Footage - Intro And Gameplay

Here is some cool intro footage of Motorstorm which then switches to real time gameplay footage. The player starts out the race vying for first position, crashing into opponents and sending smaller vehicles smashing into the sidelines.

(MotorStorm, PS3)

MoonDust  +   3452d ago
Ok w/e...
Nothing like the CGI, the game is ok i guess nothing special.
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ACE  +   3452d ago



Shadow Flare  +   3452d ago
was a sony fan/ now an xbox fanboy
have you played motorstorm?

then shut up
JIN KAZAMA  +   3452d ago
The game is gonna be awesome, its not even done yet. They will get rid of those sparks, and i bet that will be dirt being kicked up. The game is comming along very nicely. Cant wait to play it online and kick some butt. Its gonna be very fun. Just be looking at it, it seems like the best racing game out yet. It wuld be cool, if they put weather affects on it, that would be awesome. I know, its a desert, but still, it would be cool.
DG  +   3452d ago
Game looks good whats every body @itching about? I mean yeah the cut scenes use cinimatic shots and angles and its hard to keep that in a game with out distracting from the game play. I dont see the big difference from the CGI and the in game although the shot is a lil blurry.
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Fuzz McDeath  +   3452d ago
Looks pretty good, but I'm concerned...
Before you yell at me, yes I know that's from the e3 demo and its not the full game. But my concern is that the developers spent all their "points" on the physics and mud/tire ruts and didn't have enough for environments. I'm afraid that if this the average track size and variety, it will be a pretty shallow game and not worth 70 bucks.

As is, kind of reminds me of RC ProAM for Ninty (which is a good thing) - but if that is the extent of the game play depth, I'd buy it for 10 bucks off LIVE as an arcade title, but no way I'll drop 70 bucks retail - guess I'll have to wait and see how it pans out.
Gamer13  +   3452d ago
Looks good
By time it release it will be a solid game, looking forward to play it online.
GamerMan  +   3452d ago
Not impressed
The more of this game I see the less impressed I am with it. I mean I would pick it up on greatest hits but right now I can't stand seeing that many sparks when you are driving in land obviously loose enough to get mud in your tires. Realistically the amount of sparks are way over done. They need to tone them down a lot. I am curiosu to see what all tracks are available. I would rather play ATV off road fury series game with these physics minus the sparks. I'm still getting my PS3 but so far this game has yet to impress me and I like racing games but it looks bland everytime I look at it.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3452d ago
give it time
Give it time, i am sure they will clean it up with the sparks. I would really want them to really throw a lot of mud and dirt around, i am sure they havent showed what the game can really do.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3452d ago
lol the beginning is to show what it was supposed to be and than the rest was to show what they have, which is far worse from what they said it would look like, it's looks ok, better than most things last gen, but test drive unlimited kills this game graphics wise. just my opinion
joemutt  +   3452d ago
Way too much sparks,
and there not even from metal to metal contact, rubber striking dirt doesnt create sparks. And sparks dont fly everywhere, look at some real car crash videos, you hardly ever see sparks, these look like blaster fire from star wars.

That track is way too short, I want rally type racing, no laps, just start to finish. Was real excited about this one back in '05, but not much now, but will still get it.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3452d ago
HAHAHA "like blaster fire from star wars"
Dude, thats hillarious. It does sort of seem that way, but I highly doubt that it will be included for the final version. Give it some time, and the track did seem on the short side, we wont know untill pretty close to release date to see what the game will look like finally. I still think its a cool game, and its only gonna get better
Shadow Flare  +   3452d ago
Motor Wars
yeah i heard they was gonna replace the riders on the motorbikes with chewbacca. I think you also get that fat b1tch jabba standing in the middle of the desert road but apperently if you hit 40+ mph then you can mow him down easily.

Sounds cool
COVER GIRL  +   3452d ago
The game might be fun thats the only thing going for it.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3452d ago
huh...a girl what'da wish my g/f wasn't so lame and liked video games, lol she's too in Hollister and clothing.
COVER GIRL  +   3452d ago
Then you're girl friend and I have lots in common...
SjaakHaas  +   3452d ago
don't let ur girlfriend hear, that you think shes lame! :P
COVER GIRL  +   3452d ago
The game might be fun thats the only thing going for it. Grand Raid Offroad seems like it will be alot more fun... http://screenshots.teamxbox... http://xboxmovies.teamxbox....
PS360PCROCKS  +   3452d ago
Lol yeah but she hates videogames, but I guess I can't talk much because I work at Hollister so I am the reason she is their more than usual
riot9  +   3452d ago
Not bad...
It's a low res video, but it looks pretty good to me. I like the lighting at least. I'd like to see an HD trailer.
alangeorge  +   3452d ago
I am definately getting this game come launch.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3452d ago
This game is gonna be awesome. From the demo, i think its comming along very nicely, wait untill the finished product people, it will be kick ass.
Cyclonus  +   3452d ago
one thing its got going..
I really like the biker animations. it looks like a real rider on a bike, and that cool. but every vid i see of the bike its gettin run over, dont think id pick it! >_>

*about that video* That Intro, talk about melodramatic, i thought it was John Woo trailer at first, lol. its just sh1t-kickin mudd racing, not Mad Max!!!
TheMART  +   3452d ago
It's not close to the CGI they showed @ E3 2005.
Lying biaaatches @ Sony
JIN KAZAMA  +   3452d ago
I would probably say, its about 60 percent of what they showed at the E3 trailer. Now, by the tme it is done, i hope it will be around 90% or above.
TheMART  +   3452d ago
I bet it will not be much more then one sees now. Just pray that they remove the sparkles.

Those make it a real PS2 game...
schnodder  +   3452d ago
Not impressed
this is not on my list. looks boring compared to test drive. graphics are nice.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3452d ago
I agree about the sparks, they look dumb. Tires hitting the mud do not cause sparks. Anyways, we also have to remember, that we are looking at this video not in HD, iff we all saw it in HD, i think it would be much better, also, in a few months time, it will look awesome.
OutLaw  +   3452d ago
I see potential for it
The tracks seem kind of short. But hopefully that all will change in the final version. The graphics was not that bad considering it was filmed with a camcorder. PS3 fans should be happy with the results of this game.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3452d ago
It will be good but forgotten after 2 months into the system
shoota33  +   3452d ago
You mean like the xbox 1.5 will be good forgotten 2 months into the ps3's launch
TheMART  +   3452d ago
Well if Sony keeps delaying as they do now, it will be a retro machine in 5 years time.

THey will call it the PSZero by then

PSZero compared to the xbox 1.5 well...
shoota33  +   3452d ago
Ps3 was only delayed one time,and not really because the sping launch would have been for japan only so the us would not get it until late 2006 anyway. you make it sound like it was delayed 3 or 4 times.go play your xbox 1.5 while it is still remembered.
SjaakHaas  +   3451d ago
Ofcourse they couldnt get it in Japan last spring. They restyled the banana remember? So it didnt make spring, not even in japan.
TheMART  +   3451d ago
As far as I can recall they first wanted it beginning 2006, then spring 2006, maybe summer 2006, fall 2006 and now it will be holidays/Christmas 2006.

WIth the problems they have, I would be very, very worried as a fan that they cannot deliver then also. They have worse heating problems then the 360 had. The consoles size is growing, the holes to release heat are put on there from the original design @ E3 2005, the power brick is a large one not built in, the BluRay is giving problems, the CPU has to be tuned down, the GPU is having yield problems also...

Final Devkits are rare or just not there. ANd it's summer already. I bet if they can pull it off only Japan will see PS3 at the end of this year. They simply can't produce enough for a larger launch. Europe/USA I think summer 2007 at earliest. That's more then 1,5 year after the 360 which hardware can produce the same games. It should be better if it came out that long for a next gen but it won't be.

So let's just stick with the PSZero and we'll keep the 360 or as you like to say the xbox 1.5
shoota33  +   3451d ago
"As far as I can recall they first wanted it beginning 2006, then spring 2006, maybe summer 2006, fall 2006 and now it will be holidays/Christmas 2006."
sony never said anything about beginning of 2006 or the summer so stop pulling stuff from your ass.Well mart no matter how much you want the ps3 to come out in 2007 its not going to, your dreamcast 360 will be forgotten when ps3 launches and thats a fact.and everything you stated are rumers made by xbot fanboys like you,and did you say ps3 has a powerbrick because if you did your a moron because the ps3's power supply is internal. dont hate cause you got that ugly brick laying around your xbox 1.5
TheMART  +   3451d ago
At least I pull less from my ars then Sony does.

And the best thing of it all is one must be damn stupid to still swallow them.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3451d ago
lol forgotten ok buddy...
CHEETO  +   3451d ago
Cyclonus  +   3451d ago
to gametime
STFU, ssj jr. you keep calling 360 1.5... if anythings a half-step into next gen, its PS3...unsold legends, fatal inertia, benji 2 lol they all are trash current gen PS2 games. I still havent seen any PS3 action games that match the GFX of even suck it.
TheMART  +   3451d ago
PSZero it is
GamerX2  +   3451d ago
this game looks pretty good
running off a PC! I wonder what the ps3 version gonna look like?
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3451d ago
this game will be the one the stores on the demo machine, but won't hype anything, it will be some game ur not expecting to shine for the 360, you'll see, who would of thought COD2 would be so much of a console seller for the 360
PS360PCROCKS  +   3451d ago
it will be some game ur not expecting to shine for the PS3, OOPS LOL sorry...
JIN KAZAMA  +   3451d ago
This game already looks pretty awesome, and its better than any racing game that came out at launch during the 360's launch. This game is not even done yet, and already it looks cool. It's gonna be awesome playing this online. 360 fans can hate all they want.
TheMART  +   3451d ago
Hahaha you must be joking. PGR3 kicks Motorstorm's ars. First it's a different kind of game, this is more arcade. Then the graphics, don't compare this PS2 game with some blur to coverup the bad graphics and the PS1 sparks flying around the screen to PGR3 please.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3451d ago
PGR3 looked exactly the same as on xbox dude. motorstorm has so much more going for it, realtime damage, realtime reaction to surface change, the mud getting on the buggy is realtime. Remember, this game is about 60% to 70% complete. Once its complete, and in HD, its gonna kill PGR3. PGR3, just a nice shine on PGR2, thats it. Physics sucked, no realtime car damage, not even realtime reaction to surface change, it was all pre programmed.
TheMART  +   3451d ago
Haha Jin don't be so funny. I have the old xbox and PGR2, the 360 with PGR3 and it surely doesn't look exactly the same.

Says someone who doesn't own a xbox or a 360.
You need some glasses.

Compare your Motorstorm of these demo's with the Motorstorm @ E3 2005. What a shock that will be. Realtime damage yeah right that looks so fake. Realtime reaction to surface change, ow those fake tire tracks that look if someone did sh*t out of his car. Mud getting on the buggy realtime, the same sh*t. Man it looks like PS2 with blur on it to coverup the graphics.

And nothing close to CGI footage @ E3 2005. You should first play PGR3, it is next gen for sure and it's bigger and better then anything out there. Go read the reviews on all gamesites
TheMART  +   3451d ago
Uh and yeah, the game is just 60% ready?

Man the PSZero isn't even 60% ready with the yields of both CPU as GPU are as bad as a ZX Spectrum that's on fire. And BetaBluRay that has technical problems.

You may hope that Motorstorm has some water in the muddy tracks to cool down that breadtoaster
JIN KAZAMA  +   3451d ago
Well, we have our oppinions, thats all they are. I gave you facts about the realtime, and you gave me your oppinion on what you think about those facts, so its all good. Now, as for the E3 trailer, I think it looks EXACTLY like the ER trailer...haha, okay, it doesnt. But I believe, once its finished, it will look about 85% to 90% of the trailer, which isnt bad since its a first gen title.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3451d ago
highly doubt that but ok...
PS360PCROCKS  +   3451d ago
oh yeah and this has cool explosions but thats about it, but I wouldnt play a game just for explosions so...

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