Law lets modders back into consoles Down Under

GAMES console makers such as Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft may need to re-engineer anti-piracy technology in consoles made for the Australian market to stop consumers using illegal game titles, according to law firm Minter Ellison.

Amendments to Australia's copyright laws expected to be passed this week will make it legal for consumers to use modified chips (mod-chips) that circumvent anti-piracy technology built into game consoles if they also overcome measures that restrict the use of DVDs and games titles purchased legally in other regions.
Minter Ellison special counsel Carolyn Dalton said technology measures designed to restrict use of copyright material in geographic regions, including coding built into DVD players and games consoles, won't be given special protection under the law.

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MicroGamer4393d ago

to mod consoles in USA?? Does anyone know where to find the law that specifically says this??

Syko4392d ago

That pretty much takes all rights away from you. GOD BLESS AMERICA, Land of the free, Home of Big Brother!!

Odiah4392d ago

we're way more liberal here in England.

*Bows before Queen*


MicroGamer4392d ago

is an anachronism in this day and age. You need to wake up in England and declare yourselves a Republic.

DEIx15x84392d ago

The King and Queen are figure heads with no power, bow to your Prime Minister.

PS3n3604392d ago

is lame. Hackers are creating a more restricted world for us as more laws are created to thwart them. Modding for homebrew is ok but now that PC's are cheaper than consoles whats the excuse other than ripping off developers which in turn jack up prices to recover losses further fueling the piracy ring. GRRRRRRR!

Fanboys are gay4391d ago

if you dont love piricy then your lieing, and anyone that is against it can you honestly say you have never bought anything that was a pirate copy can you say you have never illegaly downloaded something you shouldnt have weather it be music films or any pdf of a magazine, you love to take the moral high ground and bend the rules to suit yourself's