Watch Bloodborne Take Over 40 Seconds to Reload After Player Death

Push Square: "Okay, nobody panic, but we've got footage of one of Bloodborne's loading screens, and it ain't pretty. One of our very own users, TOMBOY25, managed to get his hands on the game early, and he's uploaded some direct gameplay footage to YouTube straight from his PlayStation 4."

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lifeisgamesok915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

In a game where the premise is high difficulty causing a good number of deaths I can see this annoying many people

destroyerz1915d ago

Just don't die over and over again, genius :)

Palitera915d ago

Or have a nice beer lying around you.

Or a smartphone. :P

Anyway, yeah, 40 seconds of a static screen can get boring. I can live with that though.

destroyerz1915d ago

It would be appropriate by the way LOL

nX915d ago

Loading times don't bother me in most games, I just check my phone or relax a bit in the meantime. Also your eyes will thank you as well if you take them off the screen for a few seconds.

subtenko915d ago

GTA V Online takes about 40 secs or more between jobs and heist.

breakpad915d ago

we dont care for reloading time as far as the game is excellent

DatNJDom81915d ago

I think that's why they have a day 1 patch. Just saying.

amiga-man915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

LOL 40 seconds, I remember having to wait ages for a game to load from tape, you youngsters don't know how lucky you are.

LOL, those were the days Sniper

SniperControl915d ago (Edited 915d ago )


I had this.

If you ever left the room, it would crash while loading, lol, you had to sit there with your eyes glued to the screen while it loaded.

GTgamer915d ago

The funny thing is no one wants to consider the fact allot gamers have blooddbourne early and no one have complained or said anything bad about the load times and then you have the rare occurrence where a game takes longer to load at times than normally. basically allot of variables that no one considers they just find something to attack a game over then again this is the hate it before you play generation :/

Kingthrash360915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Might load faster if he'd turn off Netflix YouTube and hill running in background or download the patch. ...yeah. worked for me.
Lol funny how the same people who say they love games hurt them most....smh

decrypt915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

What's ridiculous is how Sony fans are trying to spin this hahaha. What a disaster.


Not at all, being stuck at a load screen for 40secs every time you die is horrible. Though its funny watching all of you defend it.

darren_poolies915d ago


A disaster lol, exaggerate much?

Dirtnapstor915d ago

As long as the load time is shorter than my lifespans! LOL

Silly gameAr915d ago

@ decrypt

It's even funnier watching you be a drama queen about it. It's not the end of the freaking world. A lot of you so called gamers on here have to be so negative or seem to take joy out of stuff like this.

Wow I have to wait a few seconds to get back in a game!!! Get over it.

Lightning Mr Bubbles915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Am I the only one who thinks this could be fake?

Seems odd to me that the loading screen just has the name Bloodborne across it and that's it. Souls games usually had pictures of different characters during loading(or at least Demons Souls did). I would think the developers are more creative than that.

If it's real then it's not good development to make people stare at the same screen for 40 seconds I have to admit that. Developers these days are usually aware of this kinda of stuff.

If it's fake, then it's just pathetic what jealously will make fanboys do.

Kingthrash360915d ago

Let find out...I'll stream it die and time it
I'll be on twitch look up kingthrash titled BB

destroyerz1915d ago


~8 seconds to loading. The loading time is variable, as in many other games.

Eonjay915d ago


Thanks for the link... you just saved me a bunch of time reading a ton of haterade.

Kingthrash360915d ago

Well I just streamed it....42-45 seconds confermed...With about 10 witnesses.
I wasn't a believer of this as you can see from my comments...but after testing. ..Unfortunately it's as of now true...**test done with latest patch installed.**

d3nworth1915d ago

Not die in a Souls game? Easier said than done.

MazzingerZ915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Always something to complain about....before it took minutes!! to load a web page....pressing Back button on the Browser by mistake was really a BIG mistake's been a while since then....

Looking forward to this game...I really need to take it easy with this one to enjoy it...I will take some days off.

Forn915d ago

... Of course this "article" has the highest degree on the PS4 tab of N4G... Smh, don't people have anything better to do? Can't wait to play what will surely be my GotY in just a few more days.

starchild915d ago

Simply not dying is not so easy in these games. I died a lot in the Souls games. I'm getting Bloodborne either way, but I'm not going to say this isn't a concern for me. I dislike wasting my time on long loading screens. Hopefully a patch can improve them.

Dee_91915d ago

pre order canceled, ps4 in dumpster, moved to india,converted to buddhist monk.

rocketpanda915d ago

Wow, such insight. "Just" don't die. I guess you never played one of their games before!

ChrisW915d ago

Oh come on people! We know exactly what to do...

Go make bite-sized sandwiches.

UltraNova915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Guys just got to play the game a bit at a friend's(before you ask- he works in an electronics store).

Yes the loading times are very variable from extremely fast ones to quite slow depending on the size of the area being loaded from what I've seen but nothing out of proportion. It took me 10 seconds to load after dying in all 5-10 cases....which leads us to the real point here>> difficulty...I played it for 30-45 mins and guys...oh shit...

I played Demons and the 1st Dark soul games and let me tell you we will die a clarify its not harder than demons, no you have a sense of power here which makes you overestimate your abilities which in turn backfires. I died several times before I realised that and yet somehow I was still going in guns blazing. The action is a lot faster than the other games.

Note: from what I've tasted just remember don't be on the offensive until you 'get it'! plan and evade...or you'll die. ALOT.

Edit: oh and the atmosphere is out of this world..and if you have a good audio system or headset crank it up !

Cant wait for my damn copy!

OB1Biker915d ago

Yea like its a prince of Persia game you got to jump back straight away without thinking /s

seriously this pushquare site went down with all its stealth trolls and whiners influencing the writers unfortunately

Perjoss914d ago

40 seconds loading time is not ideal, but a good game is a good game, I'm not going to miss out on a top quality title because of long loading times. I survived many games over the years that had long load times and although I would have preferred shorter load times I do not regret playing those games.

One particular franchise that springs to mind is the Civilization series, when you get further into a campaign it can take quite some time for the AI to make all its moves, the player has nothing to do during this time but the quality of the game overall more than makes up for this downtime.

Code Name STEAM is a more recent title on the 3DS that has long loads times but is still a great game and well worth playing.

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Jazz4108915d ago

I have to agree. This is going to cause a lot of frustration as people are going to want to get back in there game to correct that mistake. Not wait 40 seconds. I hope they improve this with a patch since the game is gold. I have been looking forward to this as I have all the soul games on multiple systems.

nitus10915d ago

You are right this is only going to frustrate people who have an short attention span. In a game like this you just got killed and you have to start off where your main save is so I think a few seconds (less than a minute) to reflect on what you did wrong is not that bad.

Actually 40 seconds is enough time to get up and/or stretch then take a deep breath before getting back to the game. Your body and most likely your nerves will thank you for this. :-)

Ch1d0r1915d ago

I watched a stream yesterday, it was only taking 10-15 seconds. Even though the streamer died a ton of times, he said the game was awesome.

OB1Biker915d ago

40 s is probably the worse .. I saw streams with lot shorter load times and anyway I d kinda want to dry my sweating hands and try to think and take a breath (or bang my head against the wall lol)

blockcoc914d ago

@nitus10 That is a stupid statement. Some people will be putting thousands of hours into this game. Do you think people will not get frustrated then even if they have a long attention span? What about for PvP? If its anything like the souls games then a lot of matches will take less time than the 40 sec loading screen. So in the space of a half hour PvPing, you could spend half that on loading screens. Heres to hopiing that the patch will fix up those loading times though.

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littlezizu915d ago

Dude, please check the detail of Day 1 patch it, one aspects of it is to reduce the load time.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen915d ago ShowReplies(2)
Dark11915d ago

Yeah this is unacceptable.

kraenk12915d ago

you can't game for long, can you?!

TheTwelve915d ago

They have found their great flaw, ladies and gentlemen!!!

The_Infected915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Yea the loading screens are to long for a game you die a lot in. Hopefully they patch that. Thank Goodness Ori didn't have 40sec loading screens or I'd never get to play. I've only died over 600 times and counting. Lol

WCxAlchemist915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

The death screen looks exactly like Dark Souls.

Geez From software got lazy seems imo of what i have seen BB is really just a cut and paste of the soul series wow

Loktai915d ago

Or you know... part of the same overarching vision and a spiritual successor/gaiden to the souls games

Lord_Sloth915d ago

Darkstone laughs at your piddly, short load times! It takes so long to load that you have to check to make sure it didn't just freeze!

aragon915d ago

Why is this a big deal ?game is not even out yet, the game will have a day 1 patch, settle down people this game is gonna be awesome , I've played a bit of the souls games they are good, bloodborne from what I've seen looks awesome because it seems like they have built upon the souls mechanics. Can't wait for this one

ChronoJoe915d ago

Very weird, when I played demo builds of this game they seemed to reload very quickly after death?

nitus10915d ago

If Bloodborne is anything like the Souls games from the developer "From Software" you can save anywhere in the game but when you die you have to go back to were your main save is and this may require you to spend over 30 minutes getting back to where you died in the first place.

In many ways people are spoiled after-all you could have a perma-death were you have to start from the beginning. Oh boy I an imagine the comments, yet some games did exactly that.

It is interesting and in some respects sad that many comments on the site (Push) that hosts the article seems to have degenerated into how this does not happen in PC gaming. How people conveniently forget.

ChronoJoe915d ago

I guess it was a question because I was unsure and wondering if people had experienced the same thing.

Sorry if my liberal use of question marks offends you. :P

styferion915d ago

it's just from a single case, and early copy at that.

and not to mention day 1 patch has the exact description of reducing load times.

Mr-Dude915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

And we have The Order version 2 I mean Bloodborn to bitch about. 75% of the comments are from fanboys who don't even have a ps4,


Eiyuuou915d ago

Don't compare this to The Order please.

kraenk12915d ago

He has every right to compare it..It's mainly hater searching for the one big flaw to hate on.

snoopgg914d ago

Yeah, I know its a ps4 exclusive, but if it was on the xboxone, I wonder how long it would take to load after a death. Would any xbox fandboys have anything to say about that?

thunderbird86915d ago

I thought that this wasn't supposed to have the difficulty of demon and dark souls. Think people are over hyping the difficultly, based on the other games.

Intentions915d ago

Lol, Destiny load times are longer than that.

OrangePowerz915d ago

It purely depends on where you die. There are walkthrough videos out there where it shows that it takes like 10 seconds to load after dying.

Helios86915d ago

You'll get somewhat used to it, but it's still annoying. This is a problem when teleporting aswell not only death.
I just hope they optimize it somewhat.

Kingdomcome247915d ago

I think we should really be talking about that manbearpig thing. Wtf? It came out of nowhere lol.

Gamer1982914d ago

Oh god they really are looking for something to pick on arent they?

Dynasty2021914d ago

I love reading these pathetic justifications.

HHDs are to blame here, ie the hardware in the console. So it's the console's fault.

If console owners weren't cheap, we'd have an SSD inside the PS4 and Xbox One.

Wake up.

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GribbleGrunger915d ago

This is news worthy? Who am I kidding, I knew it would be for some people.

lelo2play915d ago

A game where you die quite often, over 40 seconds to reload after player death... you don't think it's news worthy?

Imagine playing for a few hours and dying 100 times. That's 60+ min... staring at a black screen.

MasterCornholio915d ago

"Imagine playing for a few hours and dying 100 times. That's 60+ min... staring at a black screen."

So that's how you intend to reduce the 40 hours of gameplay in the game?

That's just sad.

littlezizu915d ago

Day 1 patch is said by developer will reduce load time as it improves performance.
Here is the detail
Version 1.01
- Add online functionality
- Game performance and stability improvements.
- Bug fixes

Utalkin2me915d ago

If you die 100 times in a few hours, you really don't need to be playing anyways. But there is a day 1 patch to help fix the load times.