Every Mario Party Game Ranked

With Mario Party 10 hitting shelves today, we've ranked every game in the series, from worst to best.

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Concertoine1340d ago

Certainly interesting choices. I would put my top 5 as
MP 2
MP 3
MP 5
MP 7
MP 6

3-4-51339d ago

I don't agree with this list, but it's their opinion.

* Mario Party 3 last? That is one of the better ones honestly.

WizzroSupreme1339d ago

I'd probably rank Mario Party 4 as my fav right alongside 3.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1339d ago

1. Mario Party 2
2. Mario Party 3
3. Mario Party 4

Is ALL you need for Mario Party

spektical1339d ago

does anyone know if mario party 10 will support a classic mode akin to MP1/2/3 ?